Don't make any more SFxT/TxSF threads(read last post)

Taken from AvoidingthePuddle:

“Dhalsims teleport can send him to mid-air.I’ll ask to ban this.”


Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin Karin

Hope this is true~

no Lili makes me sad

As long as I can finally team up Ken and Paul Phoenix, we’re good.

Neato, Karin makes me happy.

I thought a list similar to this was posted in like November or some shit?

If not, I’m still hype for Akuma/Fury team-up.

Can someone copy past the information here?, that web give me an antivirus alert :S

If this is true, then a Sakura/Jun team would be amazing.

If sakura is a DLC, then that’s just dumb.

No Jack? I mean wtf he is one of the original characters of tekken

SFxT Leak Is ApparentlyBullshit - News - Avoiding The Puddle

I hope that’s all fake. Awful roster.

if the list is legit, it’s interesting.

what is interesting about it? the game has characters from street fighter and tekken… like will people be in a panic if marshal law wasn’t in the game? seriously

Yeah… Law without Fei and Ganryu without Honda seemed like they were missing on something too obvious to be real.

Real or Fake, (Its a FAKE! its A REEEEEEL! lmao) I always thought Paul Pheonix was based on Ryo Sakazaki. Good to know i’m not the only one that thinks this. There are many similarities.

…and they keep bringing back the same ass characters, over, and over, and over again. But for the REAL one, Put 2 fighters from SF1 inside that nigga. Put big booty R.Mika in there too. And the Tekken roster should do whatever, since all their characters are pretty nicely done fighting style wise(except a certain “family” lol)

And this is why I usually choose to not let this kind of shit rock. So until there is official information from either Capcom or Namco, expect all threads on SFxT and TxSF to be locked on sight.