Don't Make Fun of Potatoes: Hugo Critique Thread



Granted most of us are all figuring this shit out as we go, but it’ll be good to pow wow on some shit and give advice. Fresh set of eyes and all.



that was my first time playing against a dhalsim as hugo, and granted it was arts dhalsim, despite him not knowing the match up entirely it seems, i think things went pretty well, now rose, idk what even to do against that character


That match up might fuck around and be even. Backbreaker for his slow jumps, EX lariat for snipers, and clap/corner pressure.


I really think it’s a 6-4 AT MOST for Dhalsim, after you get Sim’s gameplay, is really easy to outturtle him (sadly)


Would U2 work after Yoga Sniper on block? or even on hit?


I recall seeing it work on hit watching some arcade footage, but also remember hearing that they changed it or something. I’m not sure, but it should work on block.


two matches I played today and watching a lot of videos has help me win alot with Hugo


Well, I posted my playlist on the video thread, but I might as well post it here too.
Please let me know what you think about my gameplay, I’ll be uploading 1 match per day.


a match with a friend of mine in endless.


Figured I would upload something to get some feedback. After a long long long streak of losing this loss didn’t feel as bad lol. Was a tad bit of lag hence why I get hit a lot from just walking forwards. Also always mistiming my knee hop :[


1st Round:

Impatience killed you. You dashed up into his attack range without establishing your ground game. You ran into ER’s pokes because you didn’t give him a reason to not press buttons. Missed a Clap punish after a whiffed SRK.

2nd Round:

More of the same. You were in ER’s attack range again and didn’t give him a reason to not use his cr.MK. Missed a LP SPD punish after the blocked fireball. A blocked fireball is -4. You did start to use your normals towards the end though. Notice how when you hit him with 2 normal moves he immediately reset the spacing and tried to keep you out with fireballs? Once you gave him a reason to not use his normals all recklessly, he didn’t. You probably picked up on it and called the hard read on the EX BB. Missed a MP or LP clap punish after the blocked SRK.

SURPRISE BITCH I’M A TRAIN right through that nigga fireball lol. Don’t get to crazy with full screen EX Lariats though. You can be thrown out of them if he’s reacting to the yellow flash.

3rd Round:

You started to catch on to ER’s ranges and started a little more, but you never established your attack ranges. You did catch ER with a meat squasher when he was waiting for you to throw out a button though.

Overall, I think you have to make better use of your normals during neutral. You let ER get his cr.MK off and never bothered to contest it by blocking or countering it with your st. LK or your cr. LK (which is a frame faster than his cr.MK) buffered into clap. You have to fight for the space that ER’s trying to claim. Once you let ER know that his cr.MK space is my s.LK space, then he’ll do other shit to try and get around it (jump in, back up, fireball). Thing is you never let him know that so ER felt free enough to just throw it out. There’s a vid in the video section where Alucard is fighting a ER. He threw out a cr.LK into clap that punished ER’s s.HK and that was enough to scare ER into the corner for 2 whole rounds.

Also work on punishing with Clap or Ultra throw or meat squasher instead of SPD for huge SRK whiffs. I have to develop the habit too.

You on Xbox or 360?


I have it on both ps3 and 360 but I mainly play 360.

Yeah my punishes are something I’m constantly telling my to do better I usually just opt for UT punishes just because online.
I noticed watching it I was playing it too much like a standard online match trying to focus through a fireball that wasn’t coming.


I need somebody to test online training mode out with. So if you need help with footsies or something add Biggamal on PSN


I’ll give it a shot!

I’m guessing that this is a good matchup for Hugo and that I simply get outplayed. Here are things I know I need to work on

  1. how to use claps in order to punish blocked reversals or big punishes

  2. to be careful about my inputs. I often get backbreaker for no reason. Like randomly.

  3. I need better yomi and OKi. I want to continue my pressure when I get hard knockdowns I just struggle on finding the best way to apply it.

  1. Anti Airs: She got a lot of free jump ins

  2. Your cr.LP chain. Practice the timing down on that so she can’t poke out of it. It’s a good pressure tool when you mix it up with overhead, SPD and Ultra Throw.

  3. On oki, MP and HP clap recover faster than LP clap, which is why you got hit.

  4. Back breaker isn’t a great escape option. It recovers too slow.

  5. After Ultra Throw from full screen, MP clap to EX back breaker works

  6. Use EX Clap every now and then to mix it up. The frame advantage is ridiculous on block and hit and they can’t focus dash it.

  7. EX Ultra throw would have worked where Ultra Throw whiffed

  8. When you’re at a range where Lariat will whiff after a cr.LK, st. MP will end the combo

*) I’ve had success LK Meat Squashing people that were waiting to whiff punish me. Especially if it was cancelled from a st. LK

I think the rest is matchup shit

Can you backbreaker or U2 after she does that jumping overhead from half screen? On block? On hit?
Can you clap punish a blocked neck breaker?
Do Delayed Wake Up on Ibuki until she gives you a reason not to.
What pokes beat her slide?
Are there any Safe jump setups that work on Ibuki?

You’ll improve your yomi and your oki game when you’re more attentive to what your opponent is doing. You did start to notice that she wasn’t jumping out of your strings and you started to tick throw. Just have to make sure you’re not on autopilot when playing Hugo.

I’m going to get online tonight and get some vids of me losing and post them


thanks. I have a few questions about some of your poitns so ill just number according to what u put

  1. yeah she definitely did. No reason she should be able to apply jump in pressure especially if i have bar. I was way too focused on footsies.

  2. i actually never used lp clap on oki. I’m probably timing it too late or something. Especially off of back or forward throw, timing is weird. (st M whiff, forward dash, or double dash etc)

  3. Us EX clap on my opponent’s wake up you mean? when is a good time to throw this out?

I"d like to see a list of safe jump setups, what speed reversals they are safe to, and maybe a list of meaty clap setups. IDK, maybe ill compile everything listed in the forum and make a new thread showing these options in an organized manner.

The ibuki player is a very good player in our scene, even though I have no idea how to rank his ibuki play.

Regardless, I feel as if Hugo should own that match up. Trades are in our favor, we have ultra 2 and backbreaker, and yeah. I don’t see how that character beats a competent player of same skill. clearly i got outplayed. Many times I could have hit confirmed super, punished better, or even anti aired. If i did any of those things on half of the missed opportunities I would have put that set away fairly easily i believe.

Thanks for the advice!


My bad. I thought you used LP clap. Then it’s a timing issue.

I throw out claps during neutral because it has a good hitbox and it’s easy to confirm off of if they get hit. And it makes people hesitant to walk in your space. That sets up EX clap for me down the line for me. As far as EX clap, I throw it out based on how the flow of the match is going. It’s better when they’re close to the corner imo. The pushback and the frame advangage on it scares people.

I use it when:

If I have have them in the corner
If I’m sitting on bar
If I have a decent life lead
If I feel I have the mental advantage

The block stun is different than other claps so it’ll throw their escape options off, especially when you mix it up with other claps. If they’re focus happy mid range, it’ll break armor if it hits, if it’s blocked you still have advantage.

I think Hugo might win that match too. I don’t know much about Ibuki but it seems like the reward she gets from trying to out footsie Hugo is slim. She can’t jump when he has EX. I’m sure if we get those Ibuki questions answered you’d body that Ibuki next time y’all play.


Let me know what you think. I kind of suck with getting the move to come out when I want my execution on the PS3 regular controller is iffy at times.