Don't mess up Sega, Phantasy Star Online 2


So how do you think SEGA is going to fuck this one up or was PSP2 being decent more than just a lucky flash


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I’m pumped, I pretty much devoted my entire college career (all 3 semesters) to PSO on the Dreamcast… offline solo play.




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Anyway, lets really fucking hope Dragon Sakai handles the development portion of this. Best chance for this to not be ass.


they’ll fuck up a lot of ways. First, and probably the biggest, is that they’ll have no challenge mode. Second is that they will not release it on any consoles. Third and probably the biggest, is that they’ll have no challenge mode.


PSP 1 was good too, but PSP 2 is undeniably an improvement. I thought PSU was alright, but the biggest issue was how easy it was to get EXTREMELY strong weapons early on, and then dominate the game.


Oh God I just remembered Sonic Team might be making this. :sad:

Please, PLEASE let Aksys Systems/Dragon Sakai be heading it up. For all that is holy, PLEASE.


Well that & missing tons of spells. Seriously the game had no buff spells when it was released & healing was gimped. PSU had a shitton of problems.


All PSO2 needs is the core PSO + new items + more spells/improved + new Items + more areas + PSP/PSU combat (but improved) + new items + more challenge modes.

Seriously dont hope they mess this up. I felt like PSU was such a let down but PSP1 was pretty good, havent tried PSP2 yet. Wasnt a fan of weapons having a “durability or number of charges” and having to wait or use an item to use it again.


Almost all MMOs have a shitton of problems when released.


Man seriously, you guys are forgetting about challenge mode. That was the funnest shit a mmo type game ever invented!


Jesus Christ. Phantasy Star Online is ten years old.


Jesus fucking CHRIST.


After a pretty shitty day this just made me smile. Right on.


I will be following this one closely. I played PSO until the official Blue Burst servers went down and beyond.


I’m definitely gonna keep my eye on this one. I played the original for countless hours.


I still haven’t played PS:Portable 2 (my old character “The Chojin” shall return! They thought he was dead…they thought wrong…) yet…but I’m already looking forward to this as well, just because it’s another Phantasy Star. Portable 2 apparently is still on for a U.S. release very soon; that’s what I’m waiting on… I never bother with importing if something is definitely going to get released in the U.S.

*Hopefully the beast species will still be in PSO2. That character type has been one of the best things from the PSU era, imo. I had more fun there than with any other character type.


I wouldn’t worry about that too much. The PS iterations on the handhelds did good, imo. I even like PSU, for what it’s worth. Bring back DF (among other things, of course), and I’ll be sold.

TP plz.


gasping for breath… gasping for breath… dead FUCK YES AHHHFSFERHSKFKESKSFJS!!! I STILL play various versions of PSO to this day. I kind of knew this was coming because they hinted at it earlier but FUCK YES FUCK YES FUCK YES!


PSO was my WoW crack pre-WoW crack. I’m glad to see PSO back in action. I’ll be glad to buy my Hunter’s License.