Don't mess with Japanese Morrigan Ballarina Succubus?! (Menthol Condoms: the Sequel)

This is the unintended sequel to my :wink:MENTHOL CONDOMS:wink: story I wrote a while back. If you don’t want to be totally lost:xeye:, I advise you to go back read the this as a reference. Now where was I… Oh yeah.

So, honestly thought that was the end of the Menthol Condom story. But there is more I tell you. Beware of the Sweet Venomous Morrigan/Rose Twat! Shes a man-eater! Too Strong!

I G-ed The pussy up real good the first time. And actually, she came back for around a 3rd and 4th time. But I moved and we went our separate ways. Then one day when I was walking through Shinjuku station. I heard, Scotto-sensei?! (I use to work for a shady English company called NOVA in Tokyo.) I turned and then I saw a High school girl walking towards me with a typical fairy waif thin type A Japanese boyfriend close behind her. We go through the Hisashiburi = Longtime no see ordeal. I didn’t bother to introduce myself to this little dood, because I could tell that she had him whipped hard and I could tell that he really didn’t want to know anything about me or my relationship with her. So, I told her that I was late for work and that I gotta go. But she tells me to contact her later. I was like cool:cool:.

So about 3 weeks later, I took her down to the park to see my homeboys play basketball and check the locale of my jealous female ex-roommate:cybot:. (Another Story…which happens to be my Fat Girl Story:crybaby:) Once the security check was completed, I brought her back to the apartment and ran the OS program Music, Candy, and Beer:party:. She was a really petite girl and hella cute to boot. :angel:To Beast on her would be too easy. But dont get me wrong cause after all the gentle foreplay. :devil:I certainly was planning on beasting that ass all room like Jins :qcb:+:p:command throw in MVC2! :badboy: So, I let her ride me out for a while and I played the submissive roll. But then the negro inside said, Time to INSTALL Bro. Time to INSTALL! I alpha countered her reverse cowboy into a Tekken 5 Craig Marduk pin! She didnt fight it. She just smile a deviously smile inviting me towards her. Once I got back into taxin position, plunge right in and I was FUCKED!!! I soon as I hit the pussy my dick was like, :wow:Im melting! The pussy is too strong! My SOUL! She is absorbing my SOUL!!!:wow: I wasn’t wearing those Menthol daddies this time either! I stocked - up on the US plastic! So it wasn’t any special condom magic. The pussy was, (Enters Tony the TIGER!) “G-R-R-R-REAT!” Prolly some of the best twat I eva had! Have you ever seen Harlem Nights? There is a scene where Vera tells Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, “I gotta girl who’s pussy is so good. That if you threw it up into the air it would make sunshine!” Well this was like fucking sunshine, cookies, and bubbles! Seriously, this chick was using Rose’s A-Groove Custom Combo SOUL STEAL like a champ! Twas Pure Bliss! and then…

Alas, we had come to stopping point. :xeye:Why you ask? Because my f#cking ex-roommate had forgot to take her clothes with her to work and she begged me to bring her clothes to her at the station. (The Station is 15minutes away on foot)…F#CK PISSED! TRY LIVID:annoy:!

All in all, I moved outta my ex-roommates apartment and I haven’t scene my ex-nova student in a good minute. The last time I ran into her. I was with my current girl but luckily we were running to catch the last train! So, the convo was restricted to “HEY-BYE!” But if I ever run into her again… There will be a Round 3 to decide the victor!

So I have concluded the following:
[]My ex-roommate was a hater!
]Ballerinas Succubus Girls = Sunshine, Cookies, and Bubbles
[*]Japan is one of the easiest places to have SEX in the world!

But if you ever meet a girl with an affinity towards bats, likes formal ballerina dancing, cute as fuck with slightly devilish face. Beware, you may have a succubus on your hands! Awww… What the hell?.. You wanna picture of this pixy dont cha?! I’m pretty sure there are more women like this in the world. But if you see this one beware! She habors a superior technique! She got me… Lord please let her get you!!!:pray:


God I really have to get Japan so you can show me around man.

Especially because of this.


Also, please edit your topic title to not have F#CK in the title, or anything resembling the word, otherwise Wiz might reinstate the cesnor again.


Good fucking read. :tup:

But,I just have to say,was she really a Highschool student man?

stop making me lol in public!

the funny part is i was just talking to some old friends about that movie.

good job on that INSTALL. you make Nigga-Sol smile.:clap:

negro edit:
yea, you mite wanna edit the title, Scotto-sensei.

I fucking lost it right here…hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

i havent had that kinda pussy in a long time.

negro install ftw…yah edit fuck out of the title though.

Sunshine, cookies, and bubbles.

Holy shit.


That had to be the most strangely-written story I’ve ever read, even without all the completely random and bizarre references.

I liked it.

nice, you should talk about this in the next dfp

too long didnt read

Those are some tig ol’ bitties for a japanese highscool student
Great Story and nice pic :clap:

What’s the legal age over there?

oh shit…didnt even notice the picture.

i heard its like 13. but i dont believe it.


lol. that was funny monkee. real funny.:chat:

I just recovered from one of those “terrible, frustrating nights” with this one chick the other day, and i needed a reason to keep on.

Read the previos condom story and this in 5 mins…dude good stuff!!!

did not see that the first time.

i approve:china:.

Why was that whole story too beastly? Good shit man oh and does she pack teh tig ol bitties?

Cheating! This obviously belongs in the Crazy Story thread.

But it is beastly nonetheless! :tup:

Greatness is not a strong enough word to describe this thread.

scott, im coming to Japan this year for SBO. Let’s kick it yo, if you an make time, it’ll be goo to see ya again so soon after FRX. I’ll be in nishi-ogikubo area with the gf. I wanna be witness to one of these crazy stories of course, cause this shit is cracking me the fuck up lol