Don't Nerf Phoenix! A Call For More Metagames in MVC3

I know Phoenix is a problem, but I want to suggest an interesting solution over the sea of “Nerf Her!”


It could be said that every character brings their own metagame, but I’m suggesting that future characters have meta-games on the level of Dark Phoenix in that they require the player to either plan ahead or go for damage.

For instance [SIZE=4]…[/SIZE]
(these are just to explain my point and prove that it wouldn’t be hard to add similar meta-game Supers. Please ignore which characters I selected to demonstrate this as they are irrelevant in the long run.)

-Level 1 Phoenix Wright -
Put’s a “clue” crosshair from the PW series on a characters zone, making all damage to that area doubled (like double damage to high,mid or low depending on where the cross hair randomly appears).

  • Level 3 Phoenix Wright -
    Objection! Word bubble reverses all non-comboed Supers. Trying to chip out Mr.Wright? Nope. He’ll put all that damage onto you regardless of when he activates. Trying to DHC with Sentinel? Nope. Objection! those drones right onto Sentinels face.

  • Level 3 Dr.Strange -
    Bind - The opponents character presently fighting get’s “gravity squeezed” (meaning it is combo-able and awesome in it’s reach) into Dr.Strange’s other dimension and they cannot return until all other characters on the the opponents team are dead.

  • Level 5 Dr.Strange -
    Resurrection! Bring one of your team’s character back from the dead. This would depend on what buttons you use to resurrect, but you can get another chance with your favorite character that may have been knocked out. Run out the clock, get a second chance, whatever. A great Super I think.

  • Level 5 Lord Raptor -
    Zombie! Bring all dead characters on opponents team onto your team. Zombie characters look zombified (grayed out/dirty/little blood) and have half their regular health, like DPhoenix low health. Deadly, but the low health makes them chip-able and lightweights in their defense, just like a zombie. Save for when both of your characters are down and both of theirs are as well so you can steal them, otherwise you’ll just get 2nd character for 2nd character, etc. This Super makes a lot of sense since everyone just plays the same five anyway, but nevertheless, I think this would really appeal to a “Poongko” type of player that plays everybody.

  • Level 1 Mega Man X (or whatever Mega Man get’s in *though probably X since he is white and other MM’s are blue and Zero already has a blue alt. ANYWAY …)
    Mega Man has about nine different Super’s. All are weapons based on previous Mega Man boss’ (Cut Man, Splash Woman, Blade Man, Leaf Man, Magma Man, whatever). Amaterasu x3 basically. Once he uses a Super that weapon becomes his default projectile, unique attacks, etc. This makes Mega Man have a multitude of tools and he can even combo into the different attacks, use Super, combo with that, repeat. Basically, he is a combo-fiend’s dream as he would have multiple opportunities for 100 percent combos as long as you have the execution and the meter.

Seth Killian said that DPhoenix add’s a “wrestling” mentality to the game where everyone is against her and loves to watch her lose. I agree and I think rather than limiting it on Phoenix we expand it to more characters. This gives the game intelligence, drama (ala WWE) and a meta-game that give’s MVC something more like “Magic: The Gathering” and would be more like a true evolution from MVC2 and fighters in general.

…So, this is a disguised character and super wishlist thread? Take that shit back to GameFAQs.

It’s like I’m back in April of 2011

get with the times, we’re complaining about team best friends now

also I wish people actually knew what “metagame” meant

Honestly if you just nerf her XF3 I’m fine. Wolverine needs more nerfing than she does but he’s the kind of character that’s very one dimensional so nerfing him too much would bring him down the tier list hard also.

That stuff will not work…


…Feels like Gamefaqs.

This has to be be a joke and I just made this acc -_- oh brother thank god I cant post on GameFAQ’s its already been hell there

More metagames would be nice, but those character/super suggestions are completely improbable.

No offense everyone, but I wrote RIGHT ON THERE -

(these are just to explain my point and prove that it wouldn’t be hard to add similar meta-game Supers. Please ignore which characters I selected to demonstrate this as they are irrelevant in the long run.)

I don’t care what characters or what metagames they pick, my point is the idea of metagames being a focus in SMVC3, which I do like the idea of. Whether you do or not is the question I am proposing. Not “I want these characters with these supers or mvc3 wil suck ROFL.”

Adding in random, poorly though out abilities isn’t “adding metagame”, it’s ruining the series and making it more a test of luck than skill. And that’s the problem of Dark Phoenix, people are resorting to luck in dealing with her and that’s not ok at all.

I get your point. But I think the game is still young. I think playing Phoenix is harder than it looks (maybe not DP though) and I think the trade off of losing Super for DP is fair but maybe not strict enough. I think the only thing they should take away from her is to make her unblockables harder to set up. That’s all.

But I don’t think just because Phoenix is lame doesn’t mean we shouldn’t add similar ideas in the future. If anything, Phoenix proves that meta-game can be a great thing for fighters. Card games have used it forever and WWE has relied on making them up, albeit fictionally.

Having a Phoenix fight a Doc Ock that can steal a lifebar of Super (thanks doublef!) vs. a Phoenix is a match for the ages. And what if Doc Ock is paired with a Phoenix? Vs a Dr. Strange that can capture your point paired with Raptor who can bring his allies back to life to fight on your side? Amazing planning on both players side would make that the coolest match ever! Offense is already OP in MVC3, defense needs a buff and this gives it.

You want to talk about comebacks - this ideas strengthens what XFactor took away (although I also think XFactor should remain the same.)

Thanks for the comment!

Phoenix isn’t bad her self, xfactor level 3 is.

But the sad truth will be that she will get nerfed. There’s just to much complaining about the wrong things.

They really should just buff a few characters, and some and change xfactor damage and time and bam perfect game!

A meta game is not an ability, just wanted to let you know. We also have new tech out that one hits DP with more on the way i’m sure, we’re doing just fine.

Oh boy a mrdrofficer topic, this is sure to be logical and not dumb

Also you have no idea what a metagame is.

Somedays I wish I didn’t retire from modding…

Oh dang, you sure got me good with that demotivational poster!

I honestly could care less about extra characters or more patches for characters… the only thing that pisses me off in this game is ppl who bite other ppls teams and this stupid outbreak of wolve, sentinel, and phoenix… to the dude saying lv3 is the problem lol any good player using lv1 xfactor in a combo like ppl are suppose to you can take out at least 2 characters

This is just the game, not a meta game outside of MvC3.