Dont Play Online?


Ive been hearing that you shouldnt play online due to lag and it makes the game more of a guessing game cause you dont know where your move is or where your opponent is. So why should I play SFV if it was made for people used to playing online and has lag even offline?


If you have good internet and play against someone else with good internet and you guys aren’t on different continents, it’s fine. But the matchmaking is bad and the netcode has some problems. I mean, the game has around 6.2 frames of input delay online. You’re going to have that in most fighters online anyway because if it has 4 frames offline and then 2-3 frames of additional lag online, that is 6-7 frames.

As far as offline goes, I haven’t played SFV offline. It’s definitely not ideal to have so much input lag in local versus though.


I played online since release on two different connections and it was mostly fine. Just make sure to set up your connection properly and to only accept 4-5 bars matches (if not 5 bars only) or to play people in your region in battle lounges.
The lag online and offline is the same due to how the game is built. Only if you played a lot other offline games you might be bothered by the relatively high input lag.


Don’t worry. Street Fighter V makes you not want to play online anymore real quick.