Don't post here, you'll be eaten


yeah new thread get hyped


mods won’t be so hyped when they see u opened a new thread when the other one wasn’t at 1,000 yet.

anyways u are the only one who would break a stick when u lose and thank god u didn’t break mine when u got ur hands on it…


nigga its not that serious wow the number was on 997 lol when i did this not that fucking serious…last thread dynyce made it and the num was even high er like 985-990,and you never mentioned shit so please stfu<<<no disresprect intended lol

btw that whole thing about breaking stics is a joke,and if i did get mad and break yours what would you do nada…probly just cry lol( not saying a wanna break ppls stuff) just saying.

like dam nigag was it that serious you had to mention i made a thread 3 post b4 it got closed…nigga plz gtfo your comp for a day lol…oh wait you cant srk is yah g/f. lol you probly beat off everytime sum1 makes a post lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol . ygo practice for beach bash…so i can take yah money lol yes nigga iam MM you $20 $50 $100 beat it fooll AnGry out…


i know i was just kidding. carry on, on my way to FR now.

lol first 4 posts go to the top 2 trolls :lovin:


lmao all dayyyyyy umm fuck it 1st 5 lol dam next time your goign to FR let me now ive never been there …wannna check it out ok …if you can give me a ride but i live in coral springs not sure if you would drive that far


I didn’t delete your thread. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been at work all day.

Enjoy your ban.

EDIT: By the way, learn to type in English. Or whatever your native language is. Because that doesn’t look like any shit I’ve ever seen before.


Now there is peace in the land of SRK


Hey, it’s in rule #10:

“On a side-note, if you do decide to PM a mod and ask, then ask NICELY. Sending a PM like this: ?Why?d you close my damn thread! You B****!! F*** YOU!? is the best way to be banned immediately.”

If anyone else feels the need to e-yell at me for something that I didn’t do, by all means, go ahead :lol:


Angryman gets angry from time to time, please don’t take it personally. <3


This thread got all fucked up b/c I tried to do some magic swami shit. Somebody go start another one.