Don't sleep, SRK

As denizens of the lounge may know, my girlfriend and I recently visited LA. It was pretty sweet.

At P. Gorath’s recommendation, one thing we did was check out Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. The movie showing on Saturday was 2001: A Space Odyssey. This was our second opportunity to see it in 70MM, which is a pretty big deal.

During the final section of the film, one member of the audience stood up and began shouting, “Don’t sleep!” and “Everybody!” over and over again, turning in circles with his arms out. He was immediately greeted with a chorus of “Sit down!” and “Shut the fuck up!” Initially, the reason for his outburst was unclear, but it soon became apparent that he was in the midst of a good old-fashioned acid freak-out.

Sadly, SRK, he did not sit down and shut the fuck up. The yelling and manic whirling continued. Perhaps it was his goal to inspire a crowd to rise around him, which happened. But this crowd included an usher, who demanded that the guy’s friends get him under control, several more people who simply gawped, and one fellow who apparently rushed down from the balcony with the sole purpose of punching this guy in the face. (Note: this was as ineffective as it was baffling.)

A few minutes passed, the house lights came up, and the movie stopped. Maybe a dozen people were surrounding this guy, whom, we learned, is named Robert. A few were making an effort to guide him down the aisle to get him out of the theater, but most just stood around saying things like “Get him out of here!” and other such things that a ridiculously unhelpful and penisless person might say.

After about 10 minutes total, the ineffectual group got the guy into the walkway area, while his idiot friend went on and on the whole time: “Come on, Robert, you can walk just fine. Hey, guys, we don’t have to do this. He can walk.” This was about as helpful as he got.

Eventually, six or so guys got Robert hoisted up, each limb immobilized, and physically carried him out into the lobby, where the police officers (nice response time) were waiting. At this point, knowledge of the situation deteriorates into hearsay. Some say the police tasered him. Some say he quickly aged and transformed into a Star Child. Nobody knows.

The management kindly rewound the film back to before the screaming began, but the experience wasn’t quite the same.

What I’m driving at is this: I know there are a lot of SRKers in southern Cali. One of you either knows this person or is this person. Go ahead and fess up. Nobody will judge you.

tl;dr version:

*Guy starts screaming in the middle of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
*After 10 minutes, people finally manage to get him out.

Wow just wow. Hahaha I’ve seen somethings but damn thats wild.

yea, Cali is overrated.


Damn why’d he have to be black :confused:

That’s why some brotha’s shouldn’t mess with psychedelics.

this shit does not warrant it’s own thread. Crazy shit like this happen all the time in nyc. Just ride the subway and find out…

Sounds pretty entertaining. I say you got your moneys worth.

black people take acid? i’ve never heard 50 cent rap about that…