Don't steal Pop Tarts from your mom


What I want to know is what Pop-Tarts flavor is it?


probably black

clicks link


Oh man.

Normally, whenever there’s a video paired with a news article, I go out of my way not to watch it.

But I watched this one.

It’s good.


So the police actually had to arrest this boy because he wanted a snack. Is this actually stealing when it is in the house you live in?


“Investigators identified Poptarts as the stolen item, and also learned the maker was Kellog’s.


“Show the boy back to his old cell. There he can rest, maybe have a snack. You like, some Pop Tarts? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”


The dude laughing about the whole ordeal… I know the feels.


I don’t understand how he got arrested in the first place.


“She fingered her own son, who is a juvenile, as the culprit.”

Interesting word choice


Did the cops have a straight face doing this?


I guess pop-tarts are CRAZAY GOOD


If it was Wildberry then I understand.


How old was the kid? Because of this, his prints are on record now. He may get the whole thing dismissed, but that won’t ever change. Any agency who looks at him will see he was brought in and printed, juvenile or no, right?


It was probably that brown sugar crap


What are you implying?


Stfu you know nothing of good pop tarts!


Another BBB.

Big Black Bitch


Another BBB.

Big Black Bitch


Ohh man, I remember back in the day when I was in a rush to get to school and I’d just grab some Pop Tarts on the go. So unhealthy, yet so good…


Shit tier snack in a shit tier thread.