Don't Suppose anyone is Down for Money Idol Exchanger

The neogeo puzzle game… I thought it was fun. Would totally like to get games going for it.

Puzzles are few on kaillera these days which blows but I’ll try it out someday and if your on go a few matches. You do Puzzle Bobble or Panic Bomber by chance? What’s your kaillera name?

I’ll play you in Money Idol. I’ll also play Magical Drop III. Lemme know if you have aim or msn. BTW what is your kaillera nick.

I’m still challenging anyone to puzzle de pon.

Omg I love Money Idol, been awhile since I have played though. Used to play this pro lb2 guy by the name of Zelikazi, and a few others in it, but love the game and down to play anytime. Should pm me if you want to play whenever. I am up gay hours too x_x; so when I say anytime, I mean it lol.

Sure, if anyone wants to set up games, maybe we could meet at godweapon or something like that. I use mame .119

I generally would be on around 2 am central time some days of the week (it will vary).

If anything though, you can send pm’s if you would like to play, I generally check them often.

Kaillera nickname is Shunthanos

I’ll play you on .117 or .64 mame in Godweapon.