Don't taze my granny, bro

I really didn’t want to make another cop thread, but c’mon. Seriously?

Grandson calls for medical assistance, cops show up, she says “gtfo”, they step on the hose (cutting off her oxygen), then taser the 86yr old, bedridden grandma because she “took a more aggressive posture in her bed”.

Someone please make some sense out of this for me.:mad:

wow, the only time I ever felt the need to raise my hand against a woman was some crackhead lookin broad that stole my granny’s shoes. I left here standing at the entrance to a building while I went to bring the car around so she wouldn’t have to walk so far, and when I got back she was barefoot and this bitch is standing a few feet away with my grannys shoes on. Needless to say, I was beyond pissed and some threats were made but fortunately I didn’t ACTUALLY have to strike her. but yea… I wish some pig would taze my bedridden grandmother… I’m definitely puttin hands on him and goin for his gun after that and if that’s how I gotta die, I’d be glad to know my mom would be paid from the resulting settlement.

/internet gangster off

well, maybe I’d just bitch and moan and live long enough to enjoy the settlement myself…

Sprinkle some crack on er’ case closed.

But seriously. Sprinkle some crack.

I’d want her to take a more aggressive posture in -my- bed.

Some cops suck, crap happens.

close thread

This is why we have the 2nd amendment

Our tax dollars at work here folks. All of their training and they feel the need to taze an elderly woman. I swear most cops are retards.

i get the feeling it will later be found that this shit didnt go down,and the people were lying or bullshitting or exaggerating

I really hope people didn’t actually believe this.

No, it’s real. But stupid threads like these should not even be created in the first place.

I hate coming on SRK GD every afternoon and seeing a cop-bashing thread, it gets old. I’m down for receiving the news but just update one of your already 20 threads that you’ve made. I spoke up about the incident in Vegas because I live here and knew exactly went down, I can speak about this one too if I wanted to because you did not mention anything about the grandma trying to OD on meds, and having a kitchen knife under her pillow and slashing it towards the Officers, nothing. Dude who called the popo even tried but she was slashing the knife towards him too.

Your shit is not credible anymore and you’ll probably make another stupid fucken thread later on or tomorrow morning again.

I actually just read that post, and it seemed like the only response it got was a sarcastic remark from some dude who alluded to the fact that because he was just selling weed, that the cop should not have shot him for resisting arrest and then makin a move on the detective.

Anyway yeah, I’d say this is crazy suspect.

Well I’d never heard of the site originally linked so I googled the woman’s name. Apparently she had a kitchen knife under her pillow. The officers’ response still seems way over the top but that article completely left that part out. Poor journalism.

journalists leaving shit out?? NOOOOOOOOO WAY

I’d be more upset that the tazing didn’t kill me, beats being 86 and bedridden. Don’t have to look forward to another day of doing absolutely nothing.

the secret to defeating a tazer is to be geriatric

My best friend’s dad is a cop. One of the nicest guys I know. :shrug:
But this sounds too outlandish to be true. If it is, then holy wtf.


‘Don’t Tase My Granny’ – 86-Year-Old Disabled Woman in Bizarre Dispute -


  • Police were responding to granny’s attempted suicide, via overdose of medication.

  • She had a knife under her pillow and threatened police with it. (Still, LOL at a knife brandishing 86 year-old woman requiring a taser response.)

  • She was crazy and screamed out “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE” and then said “If you try and get the knife, I will stab you and kill you. I killed four Japs in World War II and would not bat an eye killing you.

I don’t care where you’re from, that is funny as fuck.

And LOL at all the people saying “FAKE” - you’re all such clever internet sleuths now, aren’t you?

Old information, look at my post #12.

I stated the brief facts. Didn’t go quoting shit but don’t bump this stupid thread.