Don't understand how to jumping d+mk



i watch vids of people rocking chun li’s jumping, d+mk to set up for cross overs and air chain combo from df+lk or jumping+hp>hp

they do it so efficient and low, i’m just wondering how do you train to execute this move well. i don’t understand the timing and input.


Try dashing as soon as you land.


Yeah if you meet your opponent in the air with jumping fierce or double fierce, you need to walk up a little bit on the ground to line yourself up for the correct stomp distance.
As Blu mentioned, dashing is also an option sometimes.

There’s no trick or gimmick to the imput like with Cammy’s instant spikes, it’s just a clutch motion from up forward on the stick to straight down + mk.
Practice makes perfect.

I landed some clutch stomps the other day in a Chun mirror lol.
@ 2:48

And instant stomp is always a great gimmick too
@ 0:20


The trick is press up + forward and then down + mk as fast as you can. You have to dash first after a df+lk juggle, but you should have enough time to walk up if your doing it after the 2 X fp juggle.


yo man, that was sick.

yo raiden, your chun is sick, knocked me out @ DTP. hopefully i can challenge you again :slight_smile: not with chun though, i don’t like mirror matches


haha thanks. Couldn’t lock the whole thing up tho. Get on xbl it’s way mo better.