Don't understand people saying this year's EVO was not hype


I’ve heard this in all the forums but a lot in the SF4 forums. The finals to EVO were extremely hype and this was a very exciting EVO for me.

SF4 finals was amazing. People complain that Infiltration just ran through every one and it was boring. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Look who he ran through – Diago, PRrog, Gamerbee, and others. No easy task, no matter who you are.

That is not something that just happens. Infiltration played some of the most technical and pure street fighter I have ever seen. It was beyond amazing to see his reactions, his reads, and his absolute mastery of the game. No one could touch him, and those that watched the matches in the salty suite can testify to this as well. Poongko and Wolkkrone stood ZERO chance against him.

I would encourage everyone to go back and re-watch the finals for SF4. I swear these matches will go down in history. The demons! The fucking demons! His matches present a unique opportunity to inspect and study SF4 and the highest levels. I honestly hope that someone will make an in-depth video analyzing his matches in finals. This is the exact kind of thing the community needs – meaningful content.

Even the match between Gamerbee and PRrog was nothing short of technical brilliance on both their parts. Every move a calculated risk, every decision thought of in advance. The best player ended up winning based on their skill. Ultimately, Infiltration was so far above everyone else that he won, and made it look easy.

Other hype moments was KOF grand finals between BALA and MadKof. I don’t even like KoF (at all) and this was super fun to watch. Last but not least was UMvC3, the Underdog (infrit) vs the Favorite (fchamp), what a story book match. What will happen in the intervening year to EVO 2013?

back to SF4:

I just don’t know what people were expecting to take place. Pigs to start flying? Money shooting out of their computers? Supermodels showing up at their front doors between matches?

I think most people are complaining because their favorite player and/or character didn’t win. Oh, you really wanted Diago to win? To bad. Oh, a player from your country didn’t win? Suck it up.
All I have to say to that is, Grow The Fuck Up.

Don’t let your inner jealously, or whatever it is, ruin what was in fact one of the greatest EVOs of all time – featuring some of the highest levels of play we will see for some time to come-- probably til next EVO. Players may take it easy at various tournaments throughout the season, goofing off, picking and trying new characters/teams, ect… but at EVO it’s for real. People are playing their hearts out and giving it their all.

I have never been a fan of Infiltration. Nothing personal, I just don’t like him. I’ll be honest, I was rooting for Daigo, I really wanted to see him back on top so we could knock him down next year, (also at this point all my other favorites were out) since lately he’s been sucking ass and losing everything.(SEA, CEO, EVO 2011)
But that match between Daigo and Infiltration was simply astounding. Daigo was scared to act in the later rounds. He didn’t even want to make a move against Infiltrations Akuma. And even though I don’t care about him at all, I simply have to Respect that level of play. Amazing, brilliant, magnificent… no words can capture it properly. It was nearly… Perfect.

So, seriously, watch the finals again. Think about what’s at stake, how hard these players are playing, and the pure talent that was displayed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Finals in SF4 were pure, technical, Street Fighter.


People aren’t really looking for pure, highly technical street fighter for hype, but rather clutch stuff, dragged out matches, slugfests but we got a top 8 where nobody played on infiltration’s level.

That’s not to say sf4 can’t be hype. While it does naturally brings less hype than marvel, that taito station tournament got me mad hype, i seriously can’t remember the last time i was pumped like that.


wtb l337 daygo parries


I know… : (

But there is gold here if people look for it. oh well. I was blown away.


Exactly, this is exactly what SF4 thrives on to be hype. And there was plenty of it on Friday. But not much on Sunday night, or should we say Monday morning. Gamerbee vs Xiaohai was the match of top 8. I actually wanted Xiaohai to make it to GF because I feel like he was the only guy left who Infiltration didn’t have a good read on and maybe could have made things more interesting.


Pools were really awesome this year. Better than last year to watch.


KOF was the best part of EVO this year


Mexico was the best part of EVO this year.

They made it feel different for me. They were the most hype.


I dunno about you but this nigga was the main event


Wanted Daigo to land his link and win that game from Xiohai then beat PR Rog and Gamerbee and play Infiltration again in finals with an epic battle between the two of them.


S-kill was right about the masses and their need for omgcomboz and explozehuns!

Over what, ten? years later and those domination101 articles are still taking me to school.


I found pools for ae really good but the finals for ae was boring after watching kof and umvc3 finals last year top 8 was better imo


How can a competition be a shitty buzz word?


Nothing had me more hype than the Marvel GF and Infrint missing his combo after that crumple on Mag. I was so livid I damn near threw my chair, but was so hype and excited I never stopped enjoying for a second.

AE was definitely awesome, and Infiltration’s skill level was hype enough for me. He did more successful raging demons in one top 8 than I have seen in the beginning of this game. I honestly wanted Dieminion to take it, but maybe next year.

KOF was hype as fuck. Takuma was godlike.


I agree with the OP.
And i’m honestly tired of this word - Hype, unhype, get HYPPPPE. First, you can’t compare SF4 with Marvel - they play very different. Marvel has a lot of randomness, explosions, flash colors, interminable combos, etc. somke people get excited by this stuff. Sf4 doesn’t play like this, so it’s not fair to compare those. I honestly don’t really care for Marvel, I can’t stand this kind of…“fighting”.
REgarding Kof being “hype” - Yeah, might be - but don’t forget it’s a new game (first year at Evo if i’m not mistaken ?) - new mechanics, new tech, still developing. SF4 is in it’s 4th iteration at evo - a developed game, very few things still surprises us. Again it’s not a fair comparisson.

Anyway, I remember friday when Daigo played Gamerbee. People were really getting hype. The problem is, what made them hype was those cluth wins od Daigo. I really didn’t like that match, because I thought Gamerbee played better, losing only because of those comeback mechanics. It’s not someting that got me excited. But the crowd went woooaaaaaaaaa every time Daigo won with another ultra/super. And if this is what hype means, then I don’t need it.


Top16 and Top32 of SF4 were extremely awesome to watch. Daigo seemingly crushing GamerBee while sandbagging; Dieminions performances against Fuudo, Mago, Uryo; Infiltration uncorking Gouken to smash Dieminion; etc – there were a lot of really, really fun games to watch. Two days later the top3 most interesting players (Daigo, Dieminion, Poongko) played worse; Infiltration was the only one who kept the level from before, and other than some clutch reactions (the demons, Xiaohai Ult) it was pretty boring to watch.
Of course Infiltrations play was stellar, but he lacked an opponent who was on even halfway the same level. Watching molestations in fun every once in a while, but should be kept for Pools/Top32, not Grand Finals.

Games get really interesting when two top players of about the same level bring each other to the edge - which is precisely what happened eg in the Marvel-Finals. FChamp taking them 6-0 with 4 perfects would’ve been boring as fuck. The tension of them being extremely close after FC had reset the bracket was what kept it going.

That tension was completely lacking in AE. After his match against Daigo it was clear that Infil was gonna win, and then two other crowd favorites also underperformed which caused any semblance of ‘hype’ to evaporate.


It didn’t help that the crowd favourite, Dieminion, lost straight away and sucked a lot of energy out of the room.


WTF who says it wasnt hype?


I was rooting so hard for Dieminon. Shit broke my heart when he lost.


Those games were disappointing if you ask me. Gamerbee played better and got beaten by a couple legit clutch ultras and a random trade Ultra. Whee. Dieminion running into Gamerbee so quickly was very disappointing, agreed. But the Daigo-Gamerbee set was anything but exciting to me. Dunno about the sandbagging either, that just sounds lame. Daigo was just playing well but not brilliantly the whole weekend from what matches I saw.