Don't Understand The Properties of Close Range Tactics in SSF4

I’ve read Toxy’s guide on beating out jabs, frame traps, throws, and all that. However, I can’t apply it in the game at all. Against a good player, it seems like I get counter hit whenever I attempt to OS tech, thrown whenever I’m not pushing anything, and simply getting beaten. I just don’t know what to typically do in a situation and adapt to my opponents properly. People say to simply block from the start, however once I get thrown, I’m in between the decision of whether to OS tech or not. It’s simply devastating, especially since I have significant difficulties adapting to this whenever I play a good player. How should I properly adapt and what should I typically do in these situations?

By OS tech I assume you mean crouch teching? Personally I believe this OS is overrated and a good player will know you’re doing it and put a pause in their block string bait out the crouching short and counter hit you. You may want to try backdashing to get out of pressure instead of crouch teching. Or better yet just block, it’s better to take a throw then a full combo.

Standing and teching works well against chars that don’t have good options off a low attack.

First thing… don’t make judgments on yourself based on how you play vs random online players. They mash jab, throw, or reversal literally constantly. You can’t play an upclose guessing game/pressure/smart OS game vs them. Don’t even try… they will beat you and then send you a msg telling you that you are their bitch… and then leave immediately before you can get revenge. Watch closely for this type of behavior as soon as round 1 of match 1. If you see it proceed to do nothing except bait and punish constantly.

REAL players are much easier to apply wake up games and to play action reaction with… why? Because they are taking the time… even if only a 1/2 second to THINK about what they will do. You’ll never be able to out think online scrubs b/c that’s not the game they are playing… and trying will make you lose… so don’t try.
Don’t feel like you even have to approach them. Get a 1 pixel lead and then hang back… make THEM take risks while you just bait and punish. it might sound lame but hey… at least you THOUGHT of the strategy rather than jamming on buttons.

If it’s a good player then try to get in their head and guess what they will do… it’s rock paper scissors and you can’t be wrong every time can you?