Don't understand why i keep losing and getting very frustrated


I’m pretty sure , it’s a common topic , but I really can"t take it anymore. I really can"t understand why I keep losing. I play only Ryu, i studied all of his normals, combos, cancels, frame data, matchups, etc…
I spent every day like 3 hours in training mode before even queing for Ranked. I train fireball execution, in traning mode against a CPU 8 i can Throw 100 FB without any problem. Then i go Ranked, not a single one want to go out. same thing with DP and cancels .

It’s seems like every one of my moves has less priority than my oponents one. For example i played against another Ryu, he swiped me, I blocked, and wanted to swip . I pushed the button when he was still in recup fram, despite that he swiped me another time before even my swip started.

i accumulated now a 20 lose streak, i’m rewieing every play and can"t understand why i’m fucking losing. I AA every jump, i zone with the FB , i punish i block , but i keep losing, and the worse thing without knowing why. It’s like a free lose because i’m not learning anything from the lose, I really don"t know seriously, even after after watching the replay, I’m like : WHY? the execution is correct, the timing is correct, why the FB didn"t go out ? .

I’m really getting frustrated not for the lose streak but because i’m not fucking learning anything from them, i can"t figure out what is fucking wrong . why i can throw an infinite number of FB in training mode, but strugle to get even one in online matches.

I don"t know if someone went this way, but I would really apreciate some advice.
Thank you for reading


If your execution is correct, the special/super will come out. You’re not doing something right. If you’re execution suffers that much going into ranked, you still need more practice. Doing something under pressure is different than doing something without pressure.

As for why you’re losing, it’s hard to say without seeing your matches. Try posting a replay.


i’ll try posting one, thx, i think i have to post them first to youtube , i’ll try to do it ASAP. thx for your reply brewing


Yeah if you’re ok with posting a replay then I’m sure it’ll be pretty easy to identify what’s going on.

About the execution, it’s probably due to the pressure of playing ranked which is causing you to slip up. You can turn on directional inputs when watching a replay to help confirm if this is what’s happening to you.


I can see that happening with me. I’m still new at SF and still get nervous when I play online, and my execution suffers for it. I need to get used to playing with other people.


That’s not true. Even if you can’t come with a clear explanation on why you lost, at least everytime you play you gets more and more used to the game’s peace.

When I started playing I had the exact same problems you are having now. I wanted to do some things mid match like AA’ing, dash & grab or punishing moves but I couldn’t, even after training a lot on training mode. The fact was, I wasn’t thinking fast enough and my fingers weren’t fast enough to perform the moves in a pressure situation. Also, spacing is something crucial that you will learn after playing a lot with other people. Don’t worry, everything that is happening with you is absolutely normal.


Just leave your CFN and people can look up the replays themselves and give you constructive criticism.

They can look at the inputs too and tell you what you’re doing wrong.


Thx for the Advices guys, my CFN is : Aurellius.
I would appreciate any feedback from the replays.
Thx a lot


I watched a few of the replays. You just need to work on your reactions and execution. You do things really late sometimes (like punishing after blocking an unsafe special) and just play really timid like you haven’t been playing fighting games very long. You have that nervous thing about your movements.

You need to optimize your use of his V Trigger and not just randomly activate it. Save it for comboing after landing a s.MK, s.HP or c.HK into charged fireball pressure. You also keep doing j.HK for some reason when you jump with Ryu. If you’re jumping forward you should pretty much always use j.MK as that can cross up. You missed a lot of cross up opportunities jumping over people with j.HK instead.

Put some people here on your friends list and start grinding a lot of matches and ask questions during and after the matches. Preferably with a mic in so vocally go over things. You just need more time actually understanding how SF works between you and your opponent before you go back to ranked.

I finally managed to upload a video


Thx a lot man, I really appreciate your comment. I really like the advice of the J.MK , and the V trigger one, since I tried to play defense until the V-trigger and then go to atack, since i tried in the first place to play ryu as I played it in 3rd Strike, but that didn"t went to well.

Do you mind if i add you mate ? i really apreciated your advices.

Thx a lot Again


A couple things I noticed:

  • You constantly put yourself in the corner. Either by walking back or jumping back for no useful reason. Similarly, when you do manage to get Chun in the corner, you just back up and let them escape.

  • You do a fair amount of random DPs/hurricane kicks/supers.

  • You don’t seem to use any of Ryu’s BnBs; all damage opportunities aren’t close to optimized.

  • You’re not anti-airing effectively at all.


You’re definetely better than me that’s for sure, but ill tell you why you lost to chun Li in that video:

  1. You’re not hit confirming.
    You lost all those rounds because you got punished because you missed heavy DP’s. You did the DP all those times without hit confirming before doing them, your opponent blocked and salivated your gifts to him/her, that was your #1 downfall.
  2. Jump overs.
    You jumped over her many times and either just stayed there letting the faster Chun li get close to you or you immediately threw heavy punches or kicks, at that range they whiffed or she just blocked or stayed neutral and then just punished you for that, try to react faster with faster hits/moves from now on, crouching forward is great from that range you played at.
  3. Not enough fireballs.
    You may be right about the fireball issues because even when chun li was across the screen you didn’t hardly throw fireballs, that’s what Ryu is good at, making his opponents react and then DP. If you can’t thriw fireballs consistently you need to train on that until you do.


@Aurellius No problem. My PSN/CFN is in my sig.


To add on top of what people have already said:

-You’re playing scared too much. If you’re not walking yourself into the corner, you’re crouching down and not pressing any buttons. I’ve mentioned it before in another newbie thread and the most common mistake I’ve seen new players do (which I’ve even seen all the way up to silver) is to walk themselves into the corner. Remember that controlling the neutral is a big part of the game, and getting someone into the corner is one of the rewards. So don’t just serve it up to them on a silver platter.

-You need to contest for the neutral more. Try throwing out jabs and into spaces that chun is trying to walk in to. Throw a fireball when you don’t think she’s ready for it, and then get ready to anti-air her if she thinks you’re going to throw more fireballs or gets frustrated.

-Lots of stuff going unpunished. Chun got away with a lot of blocked sweeps that you didn’t punish, and when you do punish you only managed a throw.

-You need to assert more pressure on the opponent after scoring a knockdown. Everyone in SFV can play a basic oki game of meaty or throw. Try practising a meaty setup in training mode like Ryu’s > x fireball/dp/tatsu or his axe kick > x tatsu, and then try it in a match, mixing it up with a throw occasionally to keep them guessing. Remember to only do the tatsu or dp if you can visually confirm that your attack hit, the fireball is probably safe though.

I hope that helps. Don’t beat yourself up too much being matched and losing against a silver player though. The matchmaking is pretty whacky since the patch. I’d actually recommened to try sticking with casuals while you practice to get better. You’ll still get matched against higher level players, but you will probably find you will perform better without the pressure of losing LP which can make a big difference. Once you start to get more confidant in your online play you can go back to trying rank.


You need to use more fireballs, make them jump at you for a change. Remember you have the better anti-air options. Save your jumps for when you knock them down or when you have them committed to a ground game. Try not to corner yourself so much either, space is just as important as health. Lastly you need to work on your punishes and meaty setups, aswell as not throwing out so many random srks.


first things first: I really like how passionate you seem to be about improving.

here’s an interesting question: how about you watch yourself and analyze what you think you are doing wrong. You say you are analyzing yourself, but I’m not so sure. I think it is possible you are too frustrated with your losses to be able to analyze yourself effectively. Although, your complaints sound like some of the problem is due to not being able to play under slight input delay effectively yet, but I can tell you that is far from your only issue.

It is obvious you are simply new to the genre from how you play, and this is good, because you have a lot of room to improve, and it’ll be really fun for you leveling up. and your experience in sf5 will carry to other fighters.

Before I go more in depth with analysis of your playing, I just want to posit the most fundamental problem with your play. fighting games are largely about controlling 2 things: time and space. without an ability to control either, there is no hope to control and out-think your opponent. it would be like fencing with someone and not letting yourself move back and forth, and not letting yourself react instantly to your opponent. you are giving your opponent all the time and space in the world to stomp all over you and laugh at you. if you went against a high level player you would be bullied beyond imagine for this very reason. youre letting the opponent take advantage of you.

time is essential to fighting games and is perhaps what you battle just as equally as battling your opponent…all it takes for the opponent to open up their options and get you where they want you is simply enough time to do so. If you wait when given an opening, you get cornered. if you sit and wait the opponent when you have the opponent in the corner, they get a free escape and can put you in the corner. You have to maximize your usage of time if you ever want to get anywhere in a fighting game. Why do you think that upon a hard knockdown, youll most often see pro players instantly dash in 1 or even 3 or more times with 0 hesitation, like a computer? It is about maximizing the time given to do things that place the opponent in bad situations…you have to be quick, non-hesitant, ALWAYS productive. There is never any down time in a fighting game, even if you are turtling, you are carefully either analyzing spacing, creating space, finding an opening, building meter, and so forth. You are never truly in “neutral” in a fighter. Maximize every millisecond, every frame.

space is essential. You can move left and right and jump, but the corners are where you run out of options and give the opponent a great advantage. You do not want to get in the corner at any cost. You also want to try and push your opponent to the corner. the midscreen battle is like tug of war. if you lose the tug, youll find yourself in the corner. this isnt to say you have to play the midscreen game so rigidly, but always remember that the opponent is trying to control you via space control, and you should try to do the same. control space, you control the opponents options, maximize your damage, and make the opponent crack under pressure.

now how do you learn to control both? well, if this post is helpful at all i could go more in depth and how it specifically applies to what you are doing


Thanks a lot for all your advices, I’m trying to apply them all, i’m trying now to keep the fight in the middle, less button mashing, and maybe a more steady rhytme, I drop a lot of combos sadly and a lot of BnB like C.MK+FB, but i’m working on it.
I think the part i really applied all what you said without being scared by the openent is in the first round of the second match, and in the 3rd and 4rd match.
I’m still working on it, the path is long, and it’s a lot diferent than 3rd strike the only SF game I played.
If there is anything you see on this second video, please don"t hesitate, you all have already some much helped my game, and i sense that i understand a lot more my faults.


Keep at it man. The advice already given is ALOT to take in and will take you a while to get it all down, but you can already see improvements.

Just a few pointers from watching your new vid:

-Your aggressive playstyle is a big improvement, just be sure to temper it and not be too reckless though. There were a few times where you jumped against the other Ryu at unsafe times/distances and ate a DP for it.
-Throwing out fireballs is a big improvement, but try not to be too pre-occupied in throwing them and get punished by a jump-in combo. The best way to think about fireballs IMO is that you’re not really trying to hurt the opponent with it, but to use it to discourage them from turtleling and do something stupid like jumping into your DP.
-Be sure to learn Ryu’s crush counter combo by heart. You’re going to get a lot of opportunities to do it against a whiffed DP. Check out this combo guide by Bafael to learn his crush counter combo along with his other BnBs (there might be better combos for Ryu now I’m not sure, but this is a good start):


Great improvement so far :slight_smile: As for what else you can do…

  1. Remember that the point of pressure (I.E. not being scared) is to bait your opponent into doing something stupid, like throwing out a random srk or jumping at you foolishly. What that means is you have to balance aggression with safety. So dashing up and blindly srking must go out the window. Instead use more light attacks to force them to block (ryu’s st mp is excellent for this too since it can be confirmed into his bnbs), once you have them commited to blocking you can start throwing them. They’ll get wise eventually and throw out an srk, at which point bust out your best bnb.

  2. Figure out the best range to throw fireballs so that if they do jump over a fireball you recover in time to anti air them.

  3. Use stuff like cr mk fireball to bait their dash ins

  4. Practice hit confirm bnbs so that you’re never exposing yourself unnecessarily.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: