Dont wanna incite a Riot ....But The Competition



On XBL is much much better than PSN…

Why is there so much of a gap in the skill area when you go to PSN…yet EVO is based on a PS3 console?

Shouldnt this be changed? anyone who plays on dual systems can testify…even though im a Sony head for street fighter all the good competition and great players are on XBL. Maybe if i was in Japan that’d be different but im not…Im here and im letting you know my opinion.

Discuss? Debate?


Hahaha :rofl:

Its funny because you’re being serious.


I didnt experience that coming from europe.


XBL Street Fighter has been a really weird experience for me. Everyone has been nice to me. Nothin’ but gg’s. I don’t understand it at all.


What does a tournament’s console of choice have to do with online play? What exactly would change about Evo if it were on 360? This makes no sense dude…


if you used your brain clearly…there is more comp on xbox …stronger comp on xbox it’s only clear mathematics to use xbox. Some of yall niggas is dumb as hell


Online randoms suck on both consoles. Unless you’re talking about popular tournament players playing on XBL instead of PSN, in which case Evo has nothing to do with that. Common sense dictates people are going to play on whatever console they have at home. There’s a mix of strong American players on both consoles to be sure. Japanese players have said that the xbox version feels closer to arcade (for vanilla anyway) and since you can get sticks for both consoles,that’s what they use for Godsgarden, and that’s what they seem to play on at home. There’s really nothing to debate, unless some idiot wants to come and start listing all the players that play on both consoles.


OMG, you’re right, I’m such a dumb nigga. Why did it not occur to me that online competition on XBL would make a difference when playing an offline tournament for a game that’s the same on both fucking systems. Damn bro, thanks for setting me straight.


online randoms suck much more on psn it’s very apparent hence me makin this thread…we can chock it up to inherent wireless in ps3 also…which ofcourse sucks for fighting games


Playstation haters at work again LOL


Let me guess, you wouldn’t have issue if he said PSN had the betters players.


Why does the OP think he’s going to find fulfillment from posting such worthless garbage? This is the rare case where one man’s trash is another man’s garbage. How about instead of saying “uhhh, Evo did it this way, uhh, and they’re wrong”, you just go out to find local competition (because I’m sure the tri-state area has a lot), and you play on the, in all likeliness, XBox consoles.

I hold this doubt above all doubts that RellMane (if that’s your real name) even went to Evo. fucking prune. wake up, and live a good life.


I think you answered your own question there when you mentioned Japan. SF seems to be all about Japan, man.

Lot of angry people in here though, IMO.


How do online randoms relate to evo on either console, I doubt any random online player will attend evo since most likely they do play casually and probably don’t even know the existence of evo.


Competition is competition. XBL/PSN gameplay isn’t going going to get you ready for tournament play though. People there are more often than not obsessed with ranking and PP/BP instead of improving as players.

At least Ranked-wise.

I have SSFIV for both consoles, and Endless-wise just seems like different competition compared to better or worse.


I’m sorry if I’m hurting feelings but the xbox online comp is better …fact.

not sayin this is the basis to choose which system evo is played on I’m just saying the psn side of ssf4 player base is just weaker so it makes no sense to me as to why.


Hmm~ Since everyone has to bring their own stick to Evo in the end there are going to be more 360 sticks than PS3 sticks, which is why it would indeed be more logical to run the tournament on 360. Less people would have to lend a stick from someone or bring an adapter (of course, this point is only valid if Evo doesn’t already supply adapters themselves. But then again, the amount of adapters they would be need to provide would still be less if the tournament ran on 360).

This doesn’t have anything to do with the competition level though.


Not refuting anything you say but Mike Ross(I know he plays offline also)said he grinded in rank mode to prep for EVO. I also believe gamerbee(I know he probably plays offline also) did the same thing. The OP’s original argument does not make sense regarding using xbox or ps3 for EVO seeing that it is offline and not an online tourney.


I think PSN just has more casual players. PS3 controllers are much easier to use than the 360 ones for SF, so the need to go out and buy a stick isn’t really there for people who just want to play for fun. Playing on 360 I can actually see it being much more beneficial to spend the 200 dollars on a stick and pay the monthly or annual or whatever subscription fees for quality online matches. The more dedicated players tend to already have their equipment for the 360, so why not?

That being said, as a PSN player I do have trouble finding high quality matches; PSN (Network, not players) actually sucks, even on green connections you’re getting lag from people who are down the street. But the free online is part of the reason I got a PS3 in the first place, if they made the stretch to charge for PSN then it’d become a full time bluray player and I’d be investing in an Xbox.


This is like saying that the comp from the special ed class on the east side of town is better than the comp from the special ed class on the west side of town.