Dont want to get stomped in Cmode!



hi all,
just played cmode today, and there were lots of good player in there…
im making these thread to ask for help, training in player match
especially ppl main with viper, gen, and honda =.=
gamertag: GGed


You can add me if you want.
I am terrible at this game. Like, really terrible.
I’m trying Dhalsim out, since I seem to be horrible with Chun-Li after my two week break.


I won my first match in Cmode, then got completely destroyed in the second. I am totally scrubby in SF4 so add me if you want to do some sparring.
Gt - VB Dr Orpheus


ive found alot of good players in championship mode as well as alot of spammers. i had one guy who won with a really spammy blanka and told me to learn how to use somebody that takes skill since i use sagat. as far as i know and as far as ive been told, i play waaay differently with One Eye than alot of Sagat users online. eh, oh well



:wonder: Matchmaking thread is here… dood!