Don't want to hack a controller

I want to make some custom joysticks for PS and XBOX consoles. However I don’t feel that my soldering skills are up to the task for hacking a controler. Is there somewhere I can get some information on how to create my own interface cards? Or is there someone who sells them? I am looking for something like the interface cards that are sold by Ultimarc and Groovy Game Gear for MAME on the PC.


Use the Spiffyshoes Solderless A Series hack and a PS->XBOX adapter.

arrrg spiffy shoes hack is countless times more annoying than actually soldering.

Kaytrim: what your suggesting there will run you 50-100 for a single stick. You might as well have someone hack a pcb for you (like me) or just give it a stab yourself. It’s not possible to break more than 5 of those things (that’s how many I broke before I got it right :P)

chipper how much you charging for hacked pcbs; and do you offer the option of having qds attached to the ends or not. Personally, if it’s cheaper, I’d rather you just hack the fuckign thing but I have my own qds which I can put on myself. Pm me a reply

My only problem with the solderless hack was that I threw away the entire film portion first then kept wondering why my 26 gauge wire kept falling out.


just use part of a manilla folder or a business card or something.

If there was an interface available for around $20 would you buy them instead of hacking your own controllers? Personally I don’t think that they would run 50-100 as chipper suggests.

I-PAC is probably what you’re looking for. An I-PAC itself will cost around $50+ but not as much as $100. It depends on what you want and for which platform and such. But if you’re going to be doing an entire stick, the total cost will almost certainly go over $100 depending on the components you use.

If you could get one for $20 most people would buy it instead of hacking pads…


I use GGG products myself for my MAME cab. They have models for around $20 but only for the PC. So what you are telling me if there was something like the GGG eco models for the console systems that there would be a market for them?


Which are you more wanting; is it the cleanliness of a proper pcb like GGG ones (ya gotta admit, hacked pcb’s looks sloppy by comparison) or is it the screw terminals the wires go in?

If you’re looking for something like that to buy immediately, theres no such thing (yet)

The clean pcb. :lovin: Sounds like somthing that I am going to want to look into building these myself. :wgrin: