Don't you get bored?


People who play the same char over and over… is it cuz your scared to lose if you use someone else or you just don’t have skills to play more then one char? am my missing something?

I know you may want to sharpen your skills, but if you win all the time with one char dont you get bored?


I only like playing bison, no one else is interesting or as fun


Just when i thought that we had enough of retarded threads.

“is it cuz your scared to lose if you use someone else or you just don’t have skills to play more then one char?”

LOL ! If that is your first thoughts about peoples who play 1 character exclusively , i dont know what to tell you.
Notice how 99% of the peoples on these forums play one or two characters at most. And besides , it takes ages to successfully master a character. Which probably is the goal with playing “exclusively” aswell.

Also… I can agree with what Cwheezy wrote.


Akuma players never seem to get bored. Air FB 24/7. They should macro that shit.


When you consider how match-up dependent ST/HDR is then only playing one character and always winning, regardless of who the opponent uses, is actually more impressive to me than someone who always counter picks. Half the cast is a horrible match-up for my main character, but I enjoy those matches the most.

But if I’m playing online and have a big winning streak I will start to pick random characters, if that’s what you’re asking. Unless I’m working on something with my main.


Yeah… I mean I play Cammy… if I can win with Cammy, I feel like I earned something so… yeah.

Also, she’s the character I have the most fun with. I just enjoy the way she plays, I like her move set, I like her stage, I like her music, I mean I can play Ryu okay (and I may have been in the lab secretly working on a new superweapon but that’s neither here nor there…) but Cammy is just the most fun…


I play all chars :). Takes time to master one, though. I’ve yet to master any.


Who’s your main possum?





Don’t let this guy fool you. He loves to play T. Hawk.


great thread!

Playing with one character is more fun because you learn things and you usually have a higher understanding of that character compared to you bullshitting things out with characters you don’t know as well (example: me when I play most characters not named DJ and doing stupid shit that doesn’t work like trying to AA everything with fierce DP when I play as Ryu)


I used to play multiple characters and go by the counterpick philosophy. However, after watching snake eyez win evo with one char, I was inspired to stick to one character and learn the matchups.

I have found that I am enjoying SF2 much more now that I play one character and not four.


The quest for perfection is a long and fulfilling road.

But… everything loses its shine after a while.

I have to say though that i was a demon of a ken/sagat player on a snes pad, but on anything else i just have to use chun li.


in a way the op has a point though. if im picking the same char over and over against the same oppenet and smashing him everytime why not switch it up? esp if ur playing somebody u kno ur just going to crush over and over why not switch it up? besides learning how to play other characters can help you improve how u use ur main.


I play ken because is fun to play with him, he’s my main and i love his risky/reward style, you are all or nothing with him. i like his flashy/tricky style. All my secondaries(Honda, Deejay) are charge characters, Ken is the only motion character that i like to play with and he’s the only shoto character that i play with.

Now my favorite versions of Ken.

  1. HDR Ken, pretty well balanced character, nice reversal super, all srks knock down with a single hit, invunerable strong srk on the way up, fierce srk can juggle, and jab srk is deadly as usual, Tatsus now are uselful, are fasters and travel father than ST Ken.

  2. O.Ken, Deadly fireballs speed, invulnerable srks

  3. ST. Ken, damn i wish ST. Ken could be better than he is, too bad he’s too risky when you want to be defensive and use piano input.

And i don’t like to play with ken all the time, sometimes i do, sometimes i don’t.


^ What about HF Ken!!? He was pretty good.


You’re the only player who uses 3 characters (dic, chun, boxer) at the top level what’s your secret?


I use multiple characters.
ST Ken

Deal with it.

On a serious note, I do get bored. I don’t often play Ken anymore, and when I do it’s for business. I’ll generally play as Sim/Gief/Ryu, and I’ve also started to like Blanka but my gameplay with him is very stiff and one dimensional. Credit to the good Blanka players out there, he’s not an easy option by any means. I absolutely love some of the random stuff you can do with him though and hop shenanigans.


DeeJay exclusive baby!. Any Ken version to screw around


A lot of people use 3+ characters. Afro, Graham Wolfe, Damdai to name a few.

I’m not a particularly fast learner but playing the same game for 17 years helps gets the basics down.