Don't you just hate when *Major Disgaea 3 spoilers*

Right, so, Geoffrey died. I came running straight to the closest forum I could sign onto to ask, “Is there a way to prevent Geoffrey from dying?”

And then the moment I get on the forum, they revealed he faked his death for the lulz.

What the eff.

It’s called spoiler tags.

Sorry. I haven’t been here for more than a week.

Damnit Scotty set flame suit to maximum!

somehow you missed the sticky at the top of the forum

New to SRK or new to the internet? Or fuck new to life? I, too, purge everything I’ve ever learned including reading when I’m on a website I’ve never been on before.

Don’t bother.

He’s not worth a whit, let alone your wit, man.

As I see it.