Dont you think charge super moves are antiquated?

I mean why we need to do back,forward,back,forward so fast? this kill arcade sticks and pads.

Truly, you are a god among trolls.

Nope, they’re fine.

Everyone agrees with me.

Yes, but for completely different reasons than because it’s hard to execute. The lack of flexibility of their use in combos in today’s more combo-heavy games leads to a (general) balance trend leaning against charge characters.

Of course, in Super SF4, Chun, Guile, Honda, and Balrog are all top tier, so what do I know, really.

Not as much as jerking the stick in circles.

For a decent stick, this kind of usage is nothing. (Unless you are like the Hulk and can’t contain yourself.)

This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

I like the motion. It adds variety. Why would you want all supers to have the exact same qcf x2?

Just to be contrarian, the weird triangly motion used to for super variations of the :d::u: charge moves pisses me off when I’m on anything other than a square gate.

But that doesn’t make it antiquiated, just pisses me off when I’m on a pad or a weird stick without a square gate. Because I suck.

SFIII 3S and GAROU MOW have all supers qcfx2 or 720 circles.

Why do fighting games still have supers? They should make it more like Tekken, supers should be turned into combos you have to input, not you doing a single motion and getting some 30 hit move, that’s garbage and scrubby.

I don’t think most if srk know what the fuck antiquated means.

I’m pretty sure the OP doesn’t, at least.

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They have their place. They wont work with some games, for others, they work fine.

I think it just makes the game more challenging. Switching from Ken -> Blanka makes you have to adjust quite a bit because they play so differently. If everyone had the same super/ultra motions the game would be too simple. Although, some character’s supers/ultras don’t need to be as ridiculous as they are (ex: Guile’s super/1st ultra). Does anyone know if there are any other SF characters besides Chun-Li who’s move-sets were changed so much from game to game?

Makes me wonder what the OP thinks of classic SNK pretzel motions and the like.

Off the top of my head, I’d say Dictator, simply for having a fireball in the Alpha series (though the changes run deeper than that)…

i fucking hated charge supers and especialy canceling in to charge supers until i got my first stick now its all good.

Was he good in Alpha?

Based on the SRK wiki entries for A2 and A3, he was low to mid tier in both.