Dont you think charge super moves are antiquated?

Charge supers provide balance I feel, Imagine Rog’s U1 as a motion , he would shut down a lot of shit on reaction.

I agree with the lack of flexibility. Vega’s U1 went too far.

Raging Pretzels 4 lyfe!

I wonder how much these new people would complain about SNK motions.

God made bridges, suicide, and drowning for people like you…

People actually care about charge characters or long combos? That crap is boring to memorize, a real gamer should only care about kicking ass, end of discussion.

yes. I love charge characters.

Remy > Guile and Charlie

I’ll just leave you to ponder that.

My only gripe with charge supers is that you cant partition the motions after the initial input too loosely.

(again I mention soul calibur i apologize in advance)

Something I love so much about command partitions with large frame windows is that even though the motion requires a long input the chain can be broken up so for a move like Ivy’s command throw 376231A+G you can for instance 33A~76~2A…roll to down back and smash A+G and it comes out.

Fuck, I’ve been raging about the Raging Pretzel since I first played KoF '96 back in 1998. >_<

It doesn’t really matter but the day I find more people using charge characters than “normal” characters I still think they are out dated. Meh, charge moves tend to be more bs because they require charge. Why is SF the only game with charge characters still?

This controller is suited for you

In order:
Cool beans
More bs in what way? Do you mean execution? What?
It isn’t.

The idea of charge moves is that they are generally more powerful, but require charge, forcing the player to change their style and take this into consideration. I’m really not seeing how this is bs.

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Obviously you’ve never played KOF, GG, or BB.

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