Don't you think is a bit strange that SFV has 4000 entrants for EVO 2016?

I mean even if the game was a failure in sales and for casual players, we know the scene loves the games and I was expecting even more players than USFIV from last year but, 2000 new players? so 2000 persons didn’t care about SFIV all these years?

Well if you think about it in the sense that 4000 people is still not big compared to how many casuals there are, it isn’t impossible.

Playing SF competitively offline is a serious hobby and now eSport. The new game is more easily accessible so it gives room for people who may have been scared to enter SFIV more room to enter V. People like the very basic 1 on 1 aspect of playing SF. Plus a new game in general always has potential to freshen things up for people.

Its pretty interesting to think about considering the game only will have 18 characters by Evo.

I’m curious about how many entrants there were at Evo during Vanilla SF4’s debut.

Not really, a good 75-80% are just casuals. Majority of the FGC just discovered the internet during SF4s run.

Guys but… how do you know they are casual players?

You know there is an important number that didn’t care about SF4, realized that it sucked, and do think that sfv is faaaaar better?

I as a kof player and a large number of players from other fighters are on that group.

Open your eyes, sf4 wasn’t a game loved by everyone.

I’m one of those “new 2000” casuals --> EVO.
Allow me to share my perspective/reasoning for entering:

  1. SF5 is new for everyone [more even playing field compared to jumping in late to SF4]
  2. Didn’t care for SF4 [blocky visuals, annoying announcer, hated the focus attack concept, missed 3S parry system]
  3. Media Exposure. [Stumbled upon these Capcom Pro Tour/Esports Kumite vids. Hyped after watching those.]
  4. I LOVE the game. [Some days I really enjoy and sometimes REALLY HATE playing street fighter V. Tournaments are alluring to test myself (like in sport jiu-jitsu)].

So there…throwing that out there

i think sf4 was too difficult
this game is alot easier to get into
plus they will probably consist of fraud gold/plat ragequitters that think they are good
we will see

SFV is the kinda game where everyone has the false hope that they can be as good as the pros. Completely different feeling from SF4.

Some non pros (not necessary casuals) could think that this is their chance to get a shot at EVO, if some of the usual legends haven’t adapted yet to SFV. I mean, Julio was nobody and now is one of the best Ken players on the scene, while Daigo didn’t make anything memorable on Red Bull Kumite last weekend.

The game is easier to play/get into than USFIV. At this point, I’m surprised it didn’t get 5000+ entrants.

Between SF4 and SF5 streaming has gotten popular which has opened up the world to the scene. All these newjacks want to be the next JWong or DarksydePhil.

Lol who would aspire to be like Dsp?

Scrubs entering the tourney this year. Sounds pretty interesting. Either way Ill be there with my bucket of popcorn

Look at all these elitist. This is a great thing to have 4000 people for SFV. Get off your high horses. You’re probably not that great either lol!!!

Low Tier God

Nobody beats it like DSP