Don't you think we should complain Storm's very slow Typhoon start-up?



Well, in umvc3, it looks like most of them got faster, including Storm. But my frustration is why are other characters otg moves work faster and then Storm’s typhoon is disappointingly and frustratingly slow? others otg moves can be used on other situations and connecting combos while Storm’s typhoon can only be used effectively after a grab.

I’m not asking for the typhoon to be taller too. i just want it start faster to make it more useful.


I woulda been happy with a faster typhoon than the Fair/Foul wind moves…

The move isnt very effective on its own outside of X Factor and throw.


you act like 63 frames is that long…



it’s really long.


Honestly, you either shouldn’t use it, or use it in setups, like with specific assists. You really have to build combos around it if you want to get good mileage out of it.


I still think it’s too slow considering that other characters otg moves are faster and have wall bounce, etc. I hope they’ll patch her typhoon and make it faster


It is too slow. I think they were mostly scared of storm from mvc2 that they had to nerf her on almost every level.


That’s what i thought too. : (


Considering she can’t do shit after most her air moves keeping it at a decent speed wouldn’t have hurt it.


complain to WHO? LMAO they arent patching this game


Then that’s not good to know then. : (


It’d be cool if they’d throw in small nerfs and buffs here and there but they’re dumb.


I’m not really enjoying using Storm much because she has a few moves, nerfed a lot and slow typhoon. : (


I think she’s still viable because of her mobility and her otg super that is very damaging full screen. I’m still gonna use her on a my second team. Tho I really gotta tighten up my combos because sometimes I drop her Air loops during flight and they hit me with S and it’s over. I mainly try to run away with her throwing some projectiles going for grabs here and there and coming down with Dash + S, they usually never expect it hah.


Well, I’m still being beaten by players who are using top-tier characters.


Getting combos down/learning2block/learning what’s punishable will take you a long way. I can’t really know where you are in terms of skill because we’ve never played. What team do you run?




Just out of curiosity why not try Morrigan/Storm/Sentinel?


cos i need Morrigan to keep on gain more hypermeters as an assist.

and i just can’t do what Chris G can do, about spamming soul fists up and down while on astral vision.

can you teach me?


Like everything else just practice the motions till they become second nature. No point in learning those though if you can’t do her combos and understand how to move in with her but assuming you understand her basics just move on to the next a practice consistency