Super Turbo Revolution stream!


We will be streaming on random sundays, check it out at

featuring Howard, Damdai, Mars, DSP, John Rambo, Tecmo, Chris Doyle, Riz0ne, GreenTea, Mayor McJustin, Real Decoy, Nohoho and more!

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Looks like you guys just need to iron out the audio and video syncing up.


am i at the right place?

this is on my screen since 10am pst.


Yeah, they were up earlier at that address. They’ve been down for a while. The last I saw of the stream was when Tech Monkey and Howard were trying to get the streaming equipment switched to a different computer. The picture looked really good, though they were only streaming S Video. Audio was delayed and out of sync, but today was just a preliminary test so I imagine things will be ironed out before going live. Howard or someone else will have to get things put up on the SRK Homepage, get everything organized and ready for the stream. Damdai was running Fei Long, hit a sick combo off Chicken Wing. DSP was dominating with Dee Jay when the stream came up for me and it was just a few characters switching on and off from that point.


The audio issue hopefully can get fixed with chris’s computer. My computer blows when it comes to encoding.


They are up now. Damdai switched to Fei from T.Hawk to beat DSP’s o.gat :wink: Shit is baby zone!!


Audio is hella out of sync


We’re out of beta today and are running the stream with commentary. We haven’t decided it yet but we will either start the danisen today or run a tournament. I’m hoping to start the danisen, but some may oppose since DSP is not coming today since he’s going to comicon. The stream will begin at 2pm EST


Stream is up now, come say hi Don’t Blow This! 2010


You guys going to line record the matches and put them on YouTube?


Eventually, we are still trying to overcome some technical problems

Thanks to all the srk guys that checked it out today


Damdai’s T.Hawk is looking ridiculous.


You are welcome, John. The matches were of good level and enjoyable.

While Damdai is still learning Hawk, he was already giving people a lot of trouble. As soon as he gets the training down, embedding those negative-edge DPs/typhoon in the ticks and some of those nasty combos (the cross-up ones are easier to confirm), things are gonna get REALLY scary for everyone else.

Thanks for everyone who played: Rambo, Damdai, Howard, Marsgatti, TechMonkey Doyle and that other good Guile player whose name has just escaped me right now, damn. And thanks for setting up the streaming. It is nice to have higher quality SSF2X gameplay available. I’m looking forward to watching more SSF2X action. Hopefully, people will improve even more and give the Japanese even more trouble than this year at SBO.

The players were all better than me so gameplay feedback is not necessary. They probably know the things I could point out.


Chris Doyle is streaming live ggpo matches right now

Dont Blow This on USTREAM: .


stream is up now, please come check it out guys


Is there gonna be Gief action this time ?


I tried using him but I’m not good at all… lol


Thanks for the streaming, guys. Too bad I missed it when Mars and DSP were there, but watching damdai, Chris, Howard and Tecmo was good enough.

If anyone is reading this, the stream is up atm, still.


Alright gentlemen there’s a stream up tonight of us using some extra hardware and running component. Let us know what you think. We’re running @ 60fps @ 480p :wgrin:

It’s just the demo and not of us playing…


Are you going to post how you set a stream up to capture from JAMMA so that other people can do it?