Doom Anchor tips



Pretty much what the title thread I use Wright/Haggar/Doom(I know sucky team) but just want some tips on playing anchor doom like getting in and stuff I’m still a newb when it comes to doom.


Great thread. I don’t think Doom is the greatest anchor but every now and then I have to bring it all home with Doom.

Victor gets zoned out by some of the better long range characters in the game but if he can begin his zoning process first its not so bad. It’s easy to get over zealous with Foot Dives but I usually try to go for a throw to score some big damage. Lately I’ve been practicing dash-cancelling foot dives…someone correct me if I’m wrong but he seems rather safe after a dash-cancelled foot dive.

That’s all I’ve got though, I hope people have more useful tips than that.


Ya he is not the greatest but he helps Wright with evidence and Haggar for combos and such thanks for the tips