I wanted to start playing doom again so i’m fucking around with Doom teams
and I wanted to know is the Doom/ Blackheart traps any good vs someone like
Sent/cable?I know Mag and storm are too fast to trap with the D/H trap(well).I also I got someone other questions on this team.

1)How do you do the Blackheart/Doom trap?

2)what’s the best Doom/Blackheart/XX team in that order?

3)What are the good and bad match ups Doom/Blackheart/XX have?

I know Magnus and storm can fuck them up but is it possible to beat them with this team?

thx for any help you can give.

I would try either Cyclops or Sentinal for the third spot.

  1. Blackheart/Doom trap is quite simple…and at the same time hard to maintain. The trap itself is just zoning the opponent as much as possible while attempting to chip/pin them with demons + rocks. The reason I say ‘attempting’ is because this is a very basic BH trap that a lot ov ppl will know how to escape it.

  2. For the third slot (as Hustleman said) Cyke or Sent would be perfect. Commando is also a viable choice as both Doom and BH have many uses for the AAA…don’t ask me how to use Doom/CC effectively yet I don’t use CC much and am still in a learning phase with Doom/CC.

  3. Cable teams straight up merk this team if the DBHS player doesn’t think out their tactics ‘on point’. Mag/Storm also gives them issues, though Sent should NOT give this team any sort ov issues (exclude Santhrax and Matrix). The key to using this team is to be PATIENT!! The player will first need to be able to block properly (since in the case ov Doom/BH/Sent…your whole team is practically food against Magneto) and catch them when a mistake is made in their part.

I can go on with a plethora ov stuff for Doom/BH/xx but that’ll take too long and I can just add that to the project…so just play that team and be lame, block everything that you can, punish any mistake, and in the end TIME OVER should be the majority ov your wins against anyone that you know you cannot outfight.

…hope this stuff makes sense to someone…:rofl:

Cable or Sentinel.

Cable can benefit from the nature of Blackheart in it’s entirety

Sentinel will make it so that you always have a very useful assist. That combination could potentially rape any Magneto based team (except possibly Row because of Cable)