Doom combo challenge!

We all know how badass doom is, some of the coolest looking & fun to pull off combos. Thought it would be fun to find the highest damaging pure-doom combo possible.

Challenge is as follows:
Come up with the highest damage doom combo as possible

[]No xfactor
]No assists
[]corner combos allowed (we want to see big numbers here after all :tup:)
]MAXIMUM of 3 super meters allowed to be used
[*]As impractical/character specific as you like

I’ll get us started,
1,107,300 dmg doom combo (works on entire cast afaik):

footdive dfdc cr.m cr.h 
sp sj.m sj.fh dfdc sj.m cr.m cr.h 
sp sj.m sj.m sj.fh fdc sj.m sj.s st.h 
sp sj.m sj.m sj.fh fdc sj.m sj.s st.h xx doom hottub

video on request, else too lazy :razzy:

awesome combo, took me some time to get it down, but it gave me an idea for a little more damage. =P

argh!, I got the combo to work once, it does more damage, but it’s ridiculously hard to land. =/
so i can get it more consistently… what’s the secret to landing OTG H into S after: j.m j.m footdive adf j.m S?

I think this challenge should be opened to include assists. That encourages variety. I have a combo that does around 1.150 mil I’ll post later (no assists), but it’s basically just an impractical version of the corner loop everyone does.

Do resets count? :smiley:

Why would Doom ever need to reset when he can do such ridiculous guaranteed damage?

Here’s my combo - I think it’s unlikely to be beaten. Note: all ad:d: inputs are followed by j.:h: whiffs to fall faster except the last one because it didn’t matter at that point. I’m including it in the input for completeness because if you don’t use it, you can’t finish the combo.

1,215,000 damage

j.:f::h:, j.:s:, ad:df:, c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:
j.:f::h:, j.:s:, ad:d:, j.:h:, :h: (2 hits), :s:
j.:m: (2 hits), j.:f::h:, j.:s:, ad:d:, j.:h:, :h: (2 hits), :s:
j.:m: (2 hits), j.:m: (2 hits), j.:f::h:, j.:s:, ad:d:, j.:h:, :h: (2 hits), :s:
j.:m: (2 hits), j.:m: (2 hits), j.:f::h:, j.:s:, ad:d:, :h: (2 hits), :qcf::atk::atk:

You could get off 4 loops? I tried doing the j. H trick after air-dashing down. Never worked out for me for some reason.

Hit stun builds up faster the longer you let them lay on the ground for some reason. That’s why you have to use the j.:h: on each loop. Are you saying you can’t do the 4th loop even though you’re using j.:h: or are you saying that you’re having trouble using the j.:h: trick?

I’m actually doing j.H to land faster, but as you said, hitstun seems to go up fast if they stay on the ground for quite some time.

How fast should I be doing j.H? Immediately after I air-dash down?

Yes, I hit j.:h: as soon as I input the air dash down.

Actually Doom only has ridiculous guaranteed damage in the corner or combos leading to the corner, otherwise he can only deal about 500k without assists or dhc. Resets are useful for every character in the game unless you have a dhc trick or dhc, OR use x factor. Doom has great reset options also because his typical combos are pretty long.

Edit: also you probably already know this but you dont have to use j.h to land faster, you can use any aerial maybe even S lol. i like to mix btw m and j when im styling

First, I was responding jokingly to someone who was joking. Doom has some reset options that I personally like very much so I definitely agree with you that he has great reset options.

Second, Doom can do over 900k mid-screen using his level three and around 700k without assists or DHC. He also has some pretty good corner carry combos, so the mid-screen thing isn’t usually a big issue.

Lastly, I’d like to say some things regarding the use of j.:h: to speed up your descent. This is the best choice because it is possible to accidentally hit your opponent when using j.:m: depending on how fast you input it and what character the opponent is. The same may be true for j.:l: (never risked it after learning j.:m: could hit). j.:s: actually slows the speed Doom falls, so it’s definitely out. j.:h: doesn’t become active fast enough to ever risk this. That being said, I’m glad you brought it up because I’m going to see if I can make the j.:m: or j.:l: consistent enough to use it as a reset option.

Well since this is a combo thread i would love for you to tell me his midscreen and only remaining in the midscreen combo thats does 700k without assists or dhc or x factor that you can do every single time at least at 80-90% consistency. I have a tendency to only view combos on a practical level because i actually go to tournaments but seeing as how this is a combo challenge thread maybe its not appropriate. either way i would like to know the combo because i know most of dooms combos yet ive never done that much damage at mid screen without a reset.

I understand you said you were new to SRK, but have you looked in the Doom Combo thread? The opening post has a 704,900 damage combo video in it. I’ve linked it below.


Easier combo:
686,500: j.:f::h:, ADDF, c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:f::h:, ADDF, j.:m:, c:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:f::h:, ADDF, j.:m:, c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:f::h:, slight delay (for best results), ADF, j.:m:, Air Photon Array

939,300: j.:f::h:, ADDF, c.:m:, c.:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:f::h:, ADDF, j.:m:, c:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:f::h:, ADDF, j.:m:, c.:m:, c.:h:, Doom Time

I said in the last post; Doom has good reset options if you want to use them, but Doom is also very pretty capable of carrying people to the corner, so I rarely need to do his midscreen combos.

well i guess i just dont know numbers but you are at least right about the damage. However, about carrying people to the corner you must understand that is very situational. you make it seem like full screen you can always bring someone to the opposite side. Either way thanks, now i know the exact amount of damage the combo i do does. I must say though, by the way you post it seems like you don’t have alot of tournament experience because the topics you argue on are so small when considering tournament strategy. Theres nothing wrong with that, i just dont really value that kind of information.

I am very familiar with tournament strategy. I wasn’t really arguing; you said you could do 500k damage and I was simply informing you that you could do more. I play three ToD characters and I’m a fighting game scientist, so familiarity with the exact amounts of damage their combos do is very important to me.

I know my posts may sometimes come off as argumentative due to my tendency to explain my ideas in list format. I apologize for the confusion, but it will happen again as I have trouble structuring my ideas coherently when I don’t list them.

you’re killing me with this ‘know it all’ attitude. A typical (WEEK 1) midscreen doom combo does 600k or above (using only 1 meter, no x factor/assist) and it is incredibly practical. Then corner combos you can dish out 800-900k easy with one meter.

not knowing this (which is pretty much standard knowledge even for beginners with Doom) just shows you are either: 1. new 2. not as good as you think/say you are. On the first week Doom’s bnb dished out 600k easy and more if you were willing to use his lvl 3.

Since we are on the topic of myself i guess i clear some things up. Right now i am in china and i have no xbox or ability to go on youtube or facebook or watch streams. So i can’t test things, i can’t know exact numbers and i can’t go to tournaments. i was very bored. So i decided to post on SRK because it will give me something to do and i figured i would learn some things. i have. So with that being said, i admitted already i was wrong and that liquid in fact knows his numbers, but i assure you i can beat each and every single one of you on the Doom forums. You will start seeing my name on streams but my gamertag is not Day1God. at tournaments i am Genius. You don’t have to believe a word i say of course and thats fine with me, I’ve already said I’m going to prove it.

In fact im hoping when you guys see my videos you can tell me how maybe i can maximize damage, my execution is good enough to do pretty much anything Doom can do.

again, you’re being way too egotistic, saying “I can beat each and every single one of you” is far too arrogant because some of us you will probably never even fight or have ever seen fight. Saying such a statement cannot be proven since there is no way of knowing. Unless you’ve fought every player here there is no way of knowing.

You don’t find his Naruto shtick funny?