Doom Combo help?

I noticed when I watch players use Doom in tournaments that during like his corner loop combo, after the air S, I see people being able to push a normal move as they’re coming down. I also noticed how some people are doing his corner stuff particularly more faster than what I can do.

Someone explain how this works? I assume this is good to know so you can also hit confirm off an air S and continue the mid-screen variation combos.

After u hit S, u airdash diagnal down and then hit M

So I’m able to air dash after an air chain ending in S? I guess because of the moving screen you don’t really see the dash but you see the normal that Doom is coming down with.

yea thats pretty much it, definatly helps combos a lot

Will practice nao! Lol.

Doom can air dash cancel most of his normals, not just his air s.

Is their a way to combo his assist (missle) to a combo with wolverine?

Oh yes my combo is during his bnb in the second ground bounce assist heavy s m m h s land fatal claw

When doing Dooms corner loop, I would recommend getting into the habit of dashing straight down for each loop.

This is because if you dash down forward, you have to whiff a normal to get Doom to land fast enough to relaunch. This is normally not a problem, but if you are x factored, that normal will HIT your opponent and it will mess up your combo!

When I airdash straight down the S launcher sometimes whiffs after the s. H, what is wrong

Always get the two hits of the st.H otg before the launcher. One hit doesnt pop them up high enough.

Other than that just try to do the combo as fast as possible, as hitstun deterioation is dictated by a timer.

Thanks, I figured it out. The timing was just a lot stricter on the relaunch than I thought, I’m not used to combos this long. Does doom time always whiff on smaller characters or can I do something differently?

Use st.M to OTG into lvl 3 after a long combo. Characters pop out less that way.