Doom corner infinite

yea i know its old but i never learned it just need to know how to do it

try searching you lazy bastard :mad:

launch,,, sj.up+hk, fly (fast fly the lk) lk, mp, up+hk, repeat.

what is fast fly? lol, i prolly sound like a n00b. =/

fast fly is when u go into flight mode. with doom and most chars the motion for fast fly is qcb+2k.

qcb+2k= quarter circle back and both kick buttons. come to think of it all character flight mode are the same motion. just if ur interested these are the characters with flight mode:

Bison, storm, magneto, doom, sent, i think dhalsim. if u don’t wanna get flamed, i suggest that u search it since if u make a new thread bout something old that has already been answered then prolly two thing will happen: get flamed or no one answers.

i member seeing a weird ass infinite it dint go in the air it was just weird i tried it i think it was superjump hk on a standing opponent fly hk fly hk i think or i think he kept superjumping idk wat it was twas weird

i remeber seeing a launch lp,lk,lp,lk now grab,i think he waited hk<—that kick that makes him go down then super!!! proton blast in the air i was like 0_o i still cant do it can anyone tell me how come??

launch, sj. lp, sj. lk, hold forward sj. lp, sj. lk, hp grab, wait lk, hk xx hcb PP

I remember mike Z did an infinite in the air w/ Doom in one of his videos and at the very top he kept switching from sj hk and sj d. hk

Both Punch buttons and a direction ( the way you want to go.)

Both kicks actually.

i dont get it, when i fly i cant get the lk out fast enough. any tips on timing?

there is no timing, just tap up and then do the lk, its called fast fly

it also depends on which character your doing the infinite on. I find the bigger characters the easiest (IE sentinel) and the timing is not very strict. Medium characters (like Cable) require a bit more precise and faster timing. And I haven’t done it on light characters (like Storm) yet.

Naw I’m talkin about the fly for like half a second, not the hovering thing.

i think you’re confused. two punches does a dash.

fast fly is when you fly and immediately press a direction and an attack. the attack comes out much quicker

The only thing Doom has with both punches is dashing, or his supers (electric cage, or Photon super)
What are you talking about? :confused:

Anyone know how to infinite off of the corner throw air combo? Launch, 1234, air dash d/f, Punch throw…

Check your height at the point you start flying.

it also helps to let the stick go neutral after you go into flight mode before tapping up + lk

TS, you can launch 1234 airdash d/f hp throw, land then otg with cr.hp and start it from that, or just start it with hk after the throw

The best character to do it on is Sentinel. Practice against him.

Combo with the Docta
(Tho ive only been able to do it on the right side for some reason, no matter how much i try at the arcade and in practice mode it just dont seem to come out on the left side :confused: or at least i dont remember)>j/mk>dash forward>>>cr.hp>sj.lp>>delay>>>delay>air throw>wait till they are a bit below you in the air while they are falling>>>air dash down/forward>air throw>land>otg.>cr.hp>sj. magic series>>air dash down>wait>super photon array

Dont know if this is an old combo or nething but i made this combo by myself. If someone could explain with the left/right side problem thnx :smiley:

p.s. and of course is escapable at times…but it usually catches people off guard