Doom drawing


hi i was bored so i cleaned my room and found some pics i drew years ago… and i found my old doom drawing (back when i played marvel alot)

ok so here it is… uhmm and yeah any critiques are welcomed…
sorry if i posted in the wrong place ^^


oh yeah i aslo found an old ryu drawing its really old!.. and he looks black in it… :\ taht’s what i get for using marker…
oh yeah any help or comments would help me out alot =D


both good pics, but ryu has ugly legs -_-;;


thanks… and yeah i know what ya mean… i’ll work on the legs… i appreciate it ^^


great pics, but shouldn’t this be in the Fanart forum?


the doom pic is brilliant, hel ooksl ike he’s having a heart attack!


thanks^^ and yeah i knew i posted in the wrong place…
if a mod would be so kind as to move it i would really appreciate it… and i’m sorry i posted in the wrong place -_-"