Doom/Gief resets

With Mech Gief Throw type, you can do some mad cool resets w/ Doom on point.

(In the corner) c. lk+Gief, c. lk, dash in otg c. lk c. hp, AC

(anywhere) c. lk, c. lk, c. hp+Gief, sj. hk XX a/d df (you can sometimes omit the airdash sometimes) OTG c. lk, c. hp, AC

iam gonna have to give that a try, I use Gief every now and then…

I <3 Gief, but he gets 0wned in Mech mode. I like him as Ground type with Cable AA/Sentinel-drones backing. Sentinel drones come out instantly and provide Gief with coverage to move forward relatively safely.

But the fact remains that most times Gief can’t move forward safely, in which case you’d SJ to the far side of the screen and use repeated SPDs to fairly safely hover and charge meter for Cable.

AznAnjel’s has a nice Gief combo vid - . Gief can be relatively effective if you play him right and your opponent isn’t too great. Using him as mech-assist only is just too risky for me to go with, especially since Gief’s combos can do niiiiice damage. :slight_smile:

:smiley: I’ve been playing Gief in CvS2 pretty seriously lately, and so been using Team ScrubGief (Sent-Y/Cable-AA/Gief-A) for kicks in Marvel. You might just want to try this - Gief stops rushdown, punishes CapCom, and is a wonderful cross-up. Obviously, Gief by himself is going to die if he’s your last character, so don’t screw up toooo much. Gief’s assist is much much easier to combo off of then most other assists because his hits delay the hit opponent at the same level, letting you position yourself appropriately for either a nice launcher combo with Sent or a super from either Cable or Sent.

NO NO NO… what you need is a real team. For low tier goodness that wont let you down try Jugg/Gief/Tronne. That team cannot be stopped. Head crush + tronne = hurtage.