Doom Guard Breaks



Corner GB

  1. GB / /\ anything
  2. lk, hk xx fly GB lk, hk anything
  3. ad.df hp throw
  4. fly, hp, wait GB xx photon’s.
  5. I dunno if this works but in theory it might. f lk, mk xx fly xx photon’s. (Sorta like Magneto’s)

Mid screen

  1. ad.f photon’s
    1.2 Another variation is when they take the hit, dash behind them, they’ll still get hit by photon’s! :smiley:
    1.3 j.hp as soon as the gun pops out photons!

Post some that you know :wink:


um EASIEST BY FAR - corner guard break, j.lp, pause, APA DHC for kill :rolleyes:


Of course it’s easy, but shit you can do more damage by launching them and then resetting them. :rolleyes: