Doom:Hidden Missiles Help

Well, i’m having troubles when my opponent use that assist, when i try to combo or even when i am doing the combo the missiles ruin everything, any advice to beat that assist? My team si Dante/Tron/Vergil or wesker

In general you want to punish the Doom call with something so very few missiles come out.

Dante can do lots of Air play’s to discourage calling Doom. You can also dash Stinger xbcx whatever.
If you have a safe DHC or willing to burn xfactor you can gun super if Doom is low on life from previous punishes.

2 or 3 punishes add up and if the opponent continues you will kill Doom.

Also this stuff should probably go into one of the existing threads instead of making a brand new one.

SoV vaporizes the missiles as well as lights up Doom assist if done on reaction. King Kobun would probably be a nice DHC to catch the falling Doom and maybe finish him off. Try some stuff in the training room.

Also, you can do the counter super on the first missile to hopefully hit doom (if they haven’t crossed you up by then) and still be 100% safe since the counter super, once active, has no vulnerable frames.

St. Johns! Always a pleasure to battle.

ok, i’'ll try that, thanks for the help guys c: