Doom inf.



I need help with dooms inf. What is the timing? I can’t connect anything after roundhouse xx fly x… Can someone help


try tapping down after flying, sorta like fastfly - but i can do it without tapping at all, it’s all timing really, just practice


Try practicing on Sentinel first (easiest to do the infinite on) and then when you get that timing down, move on to smaller characters. I find it easier to tap down forward on the second or third repitition of the infinite to make sure the connects after you cancel the rh into fly.


what’s the infinite again? it’s just a launch, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. mp, sj. mk, sj. rh xx fly [lk, mk, fk xx fly]… right?


eh for better positioning i do c.hp, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, hk XX fly], f.[lk, mp, hk XX fly]x3 (reaches top of screen), f.[lk, hk XX fly]xN

be sure to include a slight pause between reps when you’re at the top


Okay so the infinite could go like this right?

launch, sj, lp, lk, hk xx fly repeat after at lp


man, i can’t get the timing down when i reach the top of the screen. i do what you do, wassup. it’s so much easier. but when i get to the top of the screen, i mess up and the infinite ends. i figured maybe ending it there with a throw or APA or something, since damage scaling is low by the time i reach the top of the screen, but i can’t even do that (i think the fly throws me off). any suggestions?


Just stay in flight mode when you reach the top of the screen and do [ lk, hk, wait, repeat ].


whats the best way to end the infinite?


Stay in flight mode(like I stated above) and when you want to end it, after doing [ lk, hk ], pause a second and do the super.

Dose alot of damage if you time it right.


the infinite is easier to do if you do it this way, lk, mk(launcher), (,, hk xx fly)3 times and then just lk, hk xx fly. the mk launcher for some reason is just better for setting up the infinite than his c.fp launcher, with the exception of big characters like sentinel cuz they’re such big targets that you can do the infinite either way.
however if you’re otg’ing then use the c.fp launcher


Just stay in flight mode when you reach the top of the screen and do [ lk, hk, wait,

you can’t do that as soon as you connect a HK you get thrown back… you hafta do lk hk XX fly lk hk XX fly and it hasta be fast on like sentinel lets say cuz he falls rather fast… thats why you cant really get the reset combo on him in corner