Doom / Mags / ????



Lately I’ve been told that my mags is pretty decent and my doom should be my starter. I usually use teams which involve doom as the last character and other teams which involve mags as the starter. I use to love msp but once psylocke dies, i feel naked for some reason + psylocke isn’t my girl. My question is who would be good to complement a Doom (AAA) Mag (projectile) based team. Here are some of the characters i don’t like or don’t fit my style.

>>Storm, Cable, Cyclops (hate his poses) and Psylocke.

I know most of you are prolly thinking of sentinel, I would love to use him but i find he gets raped without a true anti air (for me at least).

I’m leaning towards capcom or blackheart, which of the two would be a better choice, or if you have another character in mind that could work, please name them.

Secondly, I find myself struggling against magneto. Not because of his infinite or reset but his basic air combo, magic, hyper…tempest then followed up by magic A/D upforward magic hyper…tempest which then usually equals to a dead character within the first 15 seconds or so.
The most asked question, mashing out of the hypergravs. I know you are suppose to mash the keys and move the joystick but i am hoping that some people would give out some proper/specific mashing tips aside from slapping all the keys and breaking that joystick while looking like a retard that’s humping the arcade machine:lame: . Do the assist buttons count as mashing keys or are you suppose to just hit the lp lk hp hk keys ?

Finally, when mags attacks me low, i’m in blockstun, and naturally mags tries to tri jump afterwards while calling sentinel drones (the chinese guy I was playing). BUT EVERY SINGLE FREAGIN time I knew he was gonna tri jump, and I wanted to block high and even if I let go of the stick i’d still be blocking low. Is this because drones hit me or I’m in blockstun and can’t change position of blocking ?

Thanks for any replies , if I get any :frowning:

Butter gun ownz sentinel :evil:



unless you’re gonna have Storm or Sentinel in the shot gun!

Mags/Doom, great duo absolutely rapes Sent/CapCom IF you’re smart.

Most common Mag/xx/Doom teams are

Mag/Cable/Doom Sentinel killing team!

I rarely see Mag/Sent/Doom, and although it might sound like a nice team on paper, it really doesn’t have an answer to Storm, or a good Sent/Cyc.

Most of the time against Magneto teams, MSP will be you’re counter team.

Tips for mashing out the hyper grab temptest…
GO FUCKIN NUTS! When you see the screen flash, just go beserk and remember to always wiggle the stick, sometimes I forget too…

BTW, the Lady Pleaser does not own Sentinel although it’s good to throw out in an air to air battle. Sentinel is gonna be flying close, so I’d start using the air jp more.


I feel safe starting Doom because it gives people trouble for some reason =D. Well I guess i’ll start either doom or mags depending on the match up.

The Lady Pleaser does not technically own sentinel but it was owning him today when I SJ Back and sentinel kept flying and chasing me only to be hit by that yellow ray of GET YOUR ASS BACK DOWN.

Thanks for the advice :smiley: Although i hate the common teams -_-. I might consider, MIGHT consider Mags Sentinel Doom. I find that winning with cable in my team is unsatisfactory due to the fact that I just feel he is boring/excuse the term, cheap. But if I can get sentinel to a tourney level then that will keep my strider doom team alive longer =D …anyways back to the subject. Any more ideas for my Doom/ Mags/ XXX Team ?


doom/storm is too good…fuck that shit altogether…use doom/storm/cyke


Doom/Storm/Sentinel or Cyc, should be the only Doom on point teams being played.


nods head in approval


Dont flame me…:frowning:

Venom that shit and rush that shit down, cause venom will take
sentinal out in my opinion…

But I like venom, or you could use ironman, ironman and doom make a good team, but venom and doom make a scary team…

they chip very well… In my opinion



I find that Blackheart and Capcom are unreliable. I’m starting to learn ironmans fast fly semi infinite coz he makes a damn good complement to Doom Mags =D. Storm Strider Doom has become my number one team. I’m starting to like storm because now i know how to properly use her =P.

Anyways, some thoughts, strategies for Doom Mags Ironman ? Cable and Storm don’t usually give me much trouble. How would this team handle Mags/AAA Sentinel/AAA or Team Scrub and Rowtron.

Props to clockwork for revitalizing my confidence in strider/doom:cool:


Venom is a good character, fairly underrated.
Said to beat Sentinel. But what people don’t factor in is the counter assist, which is what most 2nd tiers have problems with when facing Sent/CapCom. But I can’t say much, never faced a Venom duo.

I always say to people, play what you want. Fuck everyone else.
When A.South Marvel god Mixup said that Doom/Sent-A sucked I didn’t care I played it anyway.

So dispite what I’m about to say to you, play what you want too how you want too.

Doom/Mag/IM is a horrible team. I don’t find Doom/IM attactive at all, Doom/Mags is decent but fails against the altmighty counter assist tactic.

If you’re gonna play against Sentinel, always have Mags on point and Doom in the 2nd assist spot. Mag/Doom is great against Sent/CapCom but pretty bad against Sent/Cyc or Sent/Cable.

Doom/Mag/Im gets killed by Row, counter assist everything you got. Scrub does the same thing. My suggestion to you is.

  1. Change the order to Mag/IM/Doom, Mag/Doom beat Sent/CapCOm. And you also have the Mag/IM frame kill. (, xx temptest xx proton cannon)

  2. Gotta have a good IM. Get you’re hands on some vids of Julius Jackson, he uses IM/WM/Doom, and he’s quite tricky with that 'ish.

  3. If you intend on sticking w/ Doom/Mag/IM. You have a decent counter assist in IM. His freakin AAA is deadly, and probably does the most damage out of all AAAs if all hits connect.
    Factor in APA xx Temptest or Shockwave, hella dead assist. But none of which is totally safe.

Hope that helped :wink:


Just a little off topic, you say Doom on point only on

Doom/Storm/Sent (Your team)



Why again, now Doom/Sent/Cyke :stuck_out_tongue:

And who does Doom/Storm/Cyke fair badly against, because I can’t bring myself to give up Doom/Cyke and if Storm gathers wins, I’m down with it!



The problem with Doom/Sent/Cyc is mainly Sent/CapCom teams.
IMHO Doom/Storm teams do well against Storm/Cable teams, and Sprial teams (which we rarely see these days) but fail against almost everyone else. (which is Sent teams and Magneto teams)

I don’t like APA xx HSF as much as APA xx Hail, cuz when assist killing with the APA xx HSF a person like Mags or Storm can hop out of the HSF and infinite you.


I put magneto ironman psylocke on another team and as of today (winning SOME games against cheap cable/sentinel/capcom team)
I love Storm Strider Doom =D. I know Doom is like my best character but it kinda works out when he’s the last man standing for me =D. What would be the strongest ground to air finishing with APA super with Doom ? (The one that deals the most damage)

According to my friend it’s c.fp lk lp lk APA


So, D/Se/C is weak vs Sent/Capcom

And D/St/C is weak against everything but Storm/Cable and Spiral?

D/S/S is theoreticly soid all around.

What about S/S/C?

I’m just trying to figure my team and I’ve got one char too many :stuck_out_tongue:



You were right, Doom Storm is a must =D.

Would Doom Storm Ironman be considered as a team to be reckoned with or just casual play ?

I want that to be my primary team. What would be the best order to place them ?


either whatever into launch, two lk’s, and stagger the apa at the end. or whatever into launch, magic series with a whiffed fp at the end to the apa.

and for slave…doom/storm/cyke is HELLA good…the only teams they have trouble against is sent/cap. and even that, if you can beat up on their assist a little…one apa dhc’ed to hail kills their assist. and doom/storm has some resets, the one i use for example is whatever into launch, fly, call storm, rh throw, apa dhc’ed to hail. people tend to block the launch, dash to other side apa one. the doom/storm dhc is too good. you just gotta have a mobile doom.

i ain’t tryin to make sent/cap sound easy or anything…cuz it isn’t, matter of fact, i’d say start storm first so you can counter sent/cap with storm/doom then if you win that battle, you got cable/cap vs. your storm or doom…with cyke to back…run away!!!