Doom missiles - the future... or not? read more


Everyone knows Doom’s beta assist, known as hidden missiles, is a very strong force in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

It shoots 6 missiles [S](nerfed from vanilla’s 8)[/S] [incorrect, it did 6 in vanilla also] that go a certain distance upwards, then change direction to track the enemy.
[ok, the point version can go up to 8]

Unlike Sentinel’s alpha assist, if Doom gets hit the missiles do not disappear. These missiles have thus been more useful in breaking opponent combos (and sometimes breaking your own combos)

Filipino Champ has been using hidden missiles on 2 of his go-to teams and took Evo and multiple other tournaments with it. ChrisG has similarly taken multiple tournaments with hidden missiles and his soul fist trap with morrigan. Dios X has used it with Storm, Sentinel, and/or Wolverine. Flocker has used it with Zero and Phoenix, although he has a different team without it. The point of this paragraph is to show that prominent players have been using this assist, and it has proved effective.

Will we see more of this assist? It adds to keepaway and somewhat adds to rushdown. It is many many midtier/low tier characters’ best assist. I believe we will see even more hidden missiles in the future.

The following is the point of this thread:
However, much like in mvc2 strategy, there comes a time where you can use your opponent’s attacks to your advantage. If your opponent calls hidden missiles, you can super jump and take the 6 missiles and a little damage, and barring your opponent converting off of this at super jump height, be no worse for the wear

except you can call assists now that you were hit. Take a page from the book of the gdlk MVC2 sentinel’s unfly and use this to your advantage. most characters that can take advantage of this will be those that can both create some sort of unseeable crossup with their assist call and be able to convert off it by landing in time.

Hopefully as we see more and more Doom beta assist, we will also see this interesting “anti missiles” tech to combat the future metagame.

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It only shot 6 missiles in Vanilla as well, not sure where people got the notion it was 8.


i apologize i will correct that right now


there are assists that clear the missiles off the screen and if you play your cards right, you have tons of time to punish the assist with the right hyper or THC…

its the best assist in the game, yes… but it has it’s flaws, the main 1 being that doom stays on the screen for a long ass time and can easily get punished and possibly killed (Fanatiq has a team exclusively designed for this)


“Hidden Missiles crossover assist now fires six missiles instead of eight”
-Bradygames Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Signature Series Guide, page 213, ‘Tuning Since Original MVC3’ section


Until people learn to use Iron man, Arthur, Hsien ko, Chris, Strange, Cap, Thor

Missiles are overrated is the generic teams that suffers i.e vergil, wesker, strider/ Zero, Dante, strider and so forth


This, but granted some of the higher level player have better coverage I am sure the future will not revolve around hidden missiles alone. There are alot of assists that we have not fully exploited and alot of them are because they are not tied to a really great character.


Vajra is far more stupid to me than Missiles are.

Missiles force you to change your gameplan and you have to play around them. You have to be weary of them being called, be on the lookout to punish it and you have to be able to move around them. Basically they stop people from playing their usual autopilot games and because Marvel 3 has taught people to be that way, when something comes up that stops them from being autopilot they complain.


Part of the future, but it is not the future.


Guess I shouldn’t be surprised the guide is wrong yet again. Ans this time obviously not because the game was patched just before release.


How is Vajra any more stupid than Missiles?

Not every character can work with Vajra, but EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER can work with missiles.

Missiles can OTG, they track, they chip, they can lock down, they can be used as anti-air, they can shut down teleporters, they are combo extenders, they are combo breakers, they zone, they make keep-away stronger, they make rushdown stronger and even if you manage to hit Doom, unless you are willing to BURN METER to kill the assist, the missiles will pretty much make it safe because they stay in the screen even if you hit that fucker… Yeah, that’s right, most characters have to use meter just to kill doom without getting hit by missiles and most of the hypers that allow you to do that must cover a HUGE portion of the screen or have a lot of invulnerability. (You also need to take into consideration that you still have to deal against the point character)

How is Vajra any better? You are tossing Strider to what could be his death, you are risking a low health character by using that assist which can be dodged or anti-aired quite easily and barely anyone can confirm Vajra into a full combo. It also needs a very specific team to make it work.

Also… try using Vajra against somebody who is using missiles and see what happens. Not saying that Vajra isn’t good, it is really good, but more stupid than missiles? Hell no, Missiles are on a different league.


Strider comes with that super xfactor derp


Have you ever super jumped in the air and had a character with a stupid fast dash just wave dash back and forth right under you while calling Vajra? That shit is next to impossible to block and should lead to death(dont even mention characters that cant convert off vajra. Thats a poor excuse).

That’s kinda mvc3 in a nutshell, but I cant think of many more brainless and effortless “mixups” in the game.

Vajra absolutely cripples your opponents movement options and gives you all day to convert. It the same shit as whenvppl complained about Guile in ssf4, he was never overpowering it’s just that people (new players) didnt know how to deal with zoning.


Doom makes two characters get super herp derp mode. Missiles is far stronger than Vajra as an assist.


How is that a poor excuse? It is an actual point when comparing both assists. Care to explain?


It’s a poor excuse because despite the prevailing opinion to the contrary, not everyone benefits from missiles all that much. Whether some characters get some minor benefit from it is a moot point if other assists suit them far better. To turn around and argue that not everyone benefits from Vajra whereas everyone can use missiles just disigenuous.

Here’s a list of characters who don’t gain much from missiles (compared to other more suitable assists):

Iron Fist
Haggar (debatable)

The problem is these charactets can’t do much to cover him.


Some characters get a lot of benefit from Missiles while others don’t, but even if there are other assist options, missiles is still one of the best assist options even for those characters that you mentioned.

I have seen Wolverine going nuts with Missiles, I have seen Hsien Ko abusing that assist with shields and the pendulum but the best way is to throw them when you plan to put her in her hyper armor, X-23 can make an incredible use of that assist and I’ve seen it before with dirt nap and side changes on incoming characters, Shuma can protect missiles with mystic ray much better than you think and they work really well for combo extensions, I have seen Haggar with missiles and while I prefer drones for him, it still works pretty well… however I agree with you when it comes to She-hulk and Iron Fist.

Rushdown characters protect missiles by keeping pressure on the opponent so everything comes down to timing.

My point is that even if Vajra may be better suited for some specific characters or teams, Missiles bring a lot more to the majority of the cast, read again my list regarding the benefits of having missiles in your team, I don’t think that Vajra can beat that.

However, that is just my opinion.


shuma+missiles is bad
plasma beam is infinitely better for him


yeah, i just super jump to avoid them before the missiles come down on me. doesn’t really get me or my opponent anywhere, though.
dante’s million dollars will do some damage before the missiles hit him out of the hyper.
same with morrigan’s finishing shower.
dr. strange can probably connect a full spell of vishanti and possibly a xfactor followup, but that’s assuming the point character isn’t zip zap zooming across the screen because the missiles are on screen.


Shuma + Anything is bad. And you know someone is bad when they’re bad with missles. MOVING ON