Doom on point?

I play a team of Ruby Heart/Doom/Psylocke and when i get to Doom, I’m not exactly what I should be doing when I get to using him. I’m also considering putting doom last. anyhow, my general strategy is to try to get a launcher in then magic series, photons or jlp jlp photons for better placement. I try to get as many of those in as possible. And thats about it. What else can I do diversify my doom?

I don’t think that trying to combo with doom all the time is a good idea…
combos with doom are just to punish mistakes or when you hit them with an assist such as Psylocke, you should learn how to control space and keep away with doom.
Use his photons a lot, abuse his j.hp, learn his air dash (it’s not that good but still useful), and learn how to wavedash (dash, tap down, dash again) to get close faster when you have a combo opportunity
I’m not a Doom specialist since I use him as assist most of time but that’s my two cents

When using his photons in the air be sure to watch out for Storm’s HailStorm. If you can predict when she’s going to use it, photon on the ground to stop her. It’ll ussually hit both her and any assist used to gaurd her from being rushed.

Try catching your opponent off gaurd by air dashing right over their head and supering right away. It’s a great way to get some hits in if you can fly over a HyperViperBeam.