Doom Photon Array glitch/ Infinite

Im curious as to how its performed?

and also how is Dooms infinite performed?

Try Searching first you lazy ass,
but imma nice guy the corner infinite is launch them, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. mp, up+rh, [ff+lk, mp, up+hk], and repeat once you get to the top you [ff+lk, mk, down+rh] this infinite is pretty lenient but takes alot of practice. When you get bored of doing this infinite just to the APA and airdash down and try to do it again as an otg, yes it is possible at times.

i never heard of the glitch before, could you describe it clearly?

Ok , the photon array glitch im talking about is when he does the regualr photon shot , its like
its cancelled into another photon shot. Basically what im saying is that hell do one photon shot and another one will shoot in the opposite direction. Ive watched many combo videos and a couple match videos and seen it done and im wondering how the hell they did it.

and BTW sorry bout askin for the infinite , i guess it did seem kinda lazy when theres a topic about it altready.

That is when you shoot and they dash to the other side and the something happens and the lag dissapears. that is one glitch.
or it could be the super
or it could be APS adu APS
or it could be a ground APS

The “glitch” you’re talking about is not a glitch at all. What he’s describing is what happens when you do photon array during flight. If the opponent’s sprite is superjumping while you do it, then the screen will drag down to follow the opponent as he falls, dragging Doom with it, which causes the individual photon arrays to be shot out from different locations depending on where he is instead of all from one location.

Theat Cleared up my confusion thanks a lot.