Doom Positioning

Hi, im kind of new to SRK forums but im going to be the best Doom so i figured I’d give everyone advise before hand and see reactions and then after i prove my philosophy see how people view it then.

For some reason the general consensus of the fighting game community believes Doom to be a primary assist character when in actuality he is one of the best characters in the game on point. Now, in this game its very hard to prove who is the best character because it calls into question as what makes the character the best. By simple logic and process of elimination we can at least rule out some characters by certain categorize.

for example,
Damage shouldn’t be a factor in deciding which character is the best because every character used to a sufficient ability can deal adequate damage to any other character in the game in one combo. This is blatantly obvious in the games design. Not only can they deal adequate damage but also can use x factor to ensure any enemy dies.

I’m not going to go into a full scale analysis of what makes the best character in the game because thats not what this particular thread is really about however, i do believe it is possible to narrow down who is the best character by certain categorize.

Nevertheless, Doom is actually one of the greatest point characters because he has all the best qualities we see in characters who are obviously of the top tier.

Doom has great movement, (8 way dash, flight, dash cancel on all ground normals)
Doom does great damage (500k from a simple combo without dhc or x factor and about 7-8k in the corner)
Doom has great keep away (hidden missiles essentially leaves Doom completely untouchable if used correctly, plasma beam has one of the greatest durability in the game, photon shot covers nearly the entire screen forcing characters like wolverine to block with no escape)
and finally
Doom has great mix-up and reset options (because of his movement Doom can do the same tri-jump ‘l’ that magneto has although much slower, as well as foot dive adc, etc.)

Now of course some of you are thinking, well wouldnt that make him a great anchor? This is only somewhat true. In my experience with the game, the greatest anchors are that of which can deal massive damage through the simplest and easiest of methods, also referred to as scrubby. Doom requires a fair amount of execution to use on an adequate level. For instance, I believe wesker to be one of the games best anchors (actually wesker is good in every position except maybe second) because his otg is useful, and in level three x factor he is extremely hard to run away from because his gun will lock you on the floor and his air throw is easily combo able (meaning both forward and backward will work for a full combo).
As Doom you are presented with only a few options when he can’t be aided by assists, rush down or try and use chip. Choosing rush down is usually better in this game but i believe Dooms rush down only becomes hard to block when his opponent is pinned down by assists. If you are as experienced with Doom as I, you would probably have noticed the same. you’ll notice your foot dives will just be pushed and most smarter players will run out your x factor and then the game is over. reverting to chip doesn’t work because Dooms hypers don’t deal enough chip damage and his specials are either easily escapable or also not enough chip.

Although your opponent isn’t suppose to get to Doom as the final character on your team, sometimes it will happen and it will probably happen because you are not utilizing your teams positioning to its maximum potential. You always want a simple yet effective character as your anchor and your harder to use characters as your point or second so they can truly shine.Some might argue that Dooms assists outweigh his use on point which is viable. However, if you true believe so you should gain your initial hit with him and then DHC him out and use your second character and take advantage of his assist.

tl;dr: I am the best Doom. You will see. Doom is the best on point (and arguably the best in the game). You want his assists, then just DHC him out.

The next thread I’ll write will be why to use each of Dooms assists and for what characters they best aid and how to use them.

Sorry, but this is the best Doom:

sorry but clock is the best doom :confused:

[S]Sorry but neither of these are the best doom. [/S]EDIT who am I fuckign kidding Timothy is the best doom.

I’m sure there are many people who browse the doom forums who actually play “better” dooms than what we have been seeing. Don’t get me wrong, Clockwork is good and Timothy plays an insane doom.

But what they are showing aren’t things that are mind-numbingly difficult. In fact we are looking at BNB shit for weeks. Hell, I might be more impressed with that one dude from CEO or whatever that just zoned with spirit fingers and plasma beam and the occasional sphere flame.

DayGod, I’m interested to see what you have in store. Are you planning to do a thread similar to the Dormammu thread here?

Timothy is a good doom no doubt, but I have to say, using Haggar assist makes playing Doom much easier than playing him alone.

Lariat covers up his weakness to teleport characters like wesker and dante. I would know myself as I play Haggar,Taskmaster, Doom and I often switch to Doom on point after I kill the first character with Haggar DHC glitch into Task. From there I can run dirty mixups in the corner by either choosing to lock them down with Haggar assist and tick throw them (Timothy does this alot) or I can run my ambiguous tri jump mixups with Doom and taskmaster where I can dash underneath them as theyre coming in just as I call the task arrows aswell. With the arrows locking them down I can do a neutral superjump into dash down j.m for the overhead or just dash down into cr.l for the low. I can also tri jump back over them back to the other side. If the character coming in has no 8 way air dash to escape on the way in, then they are forced to take this mixup and it is pretty ridiculous.

The great thing about this too is that the Task arrows add hardly any hitstun to combos, so full buktooth loops are possible afterwards.

Thank you. you are probably the only one who read my whole post because it seems like most people read the too long didnt read. sucks for them.

im not as smart about dormammu as doom i actually need alot of dormammu help but i can give my two cents about his positioning and how i think in theory he is best used.

Btw all the best dooms play very similarly except clockwork because doom is not his main focus of the team, its phoenix. his doom could be so much better

the best dooms are: (in no particular order at the moment)

You’re preaching to the choir here. We’re Doom players and the regulars in the Doom boards don’t see him as an assist only character.

I read your whole post and I’m interested in seeing videos of you playing. I always enjoy seeing Doom kick butt on point, so I truely hope you’re as good as you say you are. That said, based on some of the other things you’ve said in other threads, I’m worried that you might think more highly of yourself than is warranted.

Btw, triplexraider isn’t asking for your take on Dormammu. He’s asking if you’re going to make a Doom thread that is similar to Karst’s Dormammu thread.

even the haters and the stream monsters are seeing that he’s really good on point. i recently dropped dorm and put doom in the front to make a doom(y)/im(b)/sent(a) team. it’s ridiculous how many tod’s i’m getting. and i’ve got some really good tech with repulsor assist.

day1god: know your damn place man. no one here is gonna respect some random nigga calling himself the best doom. especially when you don’t even seem to know your shit.

well i don’t want your respect so its of no offense to me. At least you should see the logic in what I have said.

Liquid: well despite the fact that you guys know hes not an assist character i still see that many of you use him as an anchor, which im saying is the wrong decision and will only hamper your team. its basically like using haggar last. Sure hes a great assist and you would rather him wait back there, but if it comes down to him as your last character chances are you’ve already lost.

I’m saying that Doom is one of the characters in the game that requires a team to be built around him, if he is not the main focus of the team he’ll just weigh the team down. you might as well pick another character.

The beauty of MvC3 is the freedom. You can play Doom as you fancy; anchor, first, in middle. Doom isn’t limited to one specific role and he is one of the better characters for last if you need a top tier assist.

You’re saying Doom is better with assist and team built for him. Well, so is every other character. I don’t think there is any character better with no assist than with assist except D. Phoenix because Lv3 XF with her is retarded and even then this is debatable because I’m sure giving her Haggar or Tron behind will help.

No one is disagreeing with anything you are saying DAy, we are just anxious in seeing what new tech you might have or videos of how u play Doom. Because seriously, claiming you are the best doom is a large claim (notthat i would be surprised, because i dont think I’ve seen a doom that is significantly out of reach from what we discuss in this forum,).

humility is a virtue and its much easier to convince the skeptics with a video of you walking the walk.

Saying you are the best is one thing, proving it by making a name for yourself with your doom is another.

I second this, Doom w/ Haggar assist is pretty easy mode. It makes the job that much easier.

Yeah I cant begin to think how broken it would be if Doom could start the DHC glitch. Every Lariat assist on hit=Dead character after OTG st.H lol.

WTH is going on? LOL.

Here is where i disagree. Although yes every character is best with an assist i feel like some characters need that to maximize the win potential of the team. In a match its hard to be perfect so we all know sometimes you will be down to your last character. Whether is be 1v3 or 1v1 some characters will lose simply because they are just have horrible match ups. For example, i believe haggar should never be your anchor because almost every character in the game can lame him out. I’m not saying Doom has as much as a disadvantage as haggar but im saying its similar. I think its much better to have Doom in front because he will be used more appropriately.

A character like Wesker or Dante can play any position at an adequate level. do you at least see what im saying now?

As for people asking for videos of me playing, right now im in china for study so i can’t even watch youtube T_T. I’ll be coming back soon and ill be entering tournaments often. Im from NY so watch guard crush streams or something and you’ll see what ive got. I’m not claiming to be the best in Ny (yet) but I think i understand how to use Doom better then anyone else.

I agree haggar sucks as anchor. I almost think a team like wolverine/doom/akuma might have better chemistry and almost work the same.

Hope u come back soon so we can see what your doom offers. I know personally, i’ve hit a wall with what I can do with doom.

Would Tron be a good alternative to Haggar? Used in the same manner, of course.

^ I play Tron/Haggar/Doom so I would have to say no. Tron benefits much more from Doom than Doom benefits from Tron. Fire works better as a quick assist to help with mixups than it does for defense. Lariat is invincible, hits high and prevents jump ins, teleports and crossups that solo Doom doesn’t have many options against, and generates a hard knockdown for Doom to start his OTG BNBs. Tron also scales damage like crazy, only hits one direction and doesn’t put on enough hitstun for Doom to have time to think and start a combo. Lariat is much better. Tron on the other hand benefits from ANY Doom assist for combo extension or a means of getting in/covering her ass, and can DHC glitch into Doom for a TOD but she really doesn’t have that same dynamic. on my team anyway, I feel like Tron needs 2 partners alive, Haggar needs either Tron or Doom alive, and Doom works best with Haggar, so I put the in Tron/Haggar/Doom order…