Doom/Sent/Storm Thread



I feel like being productive right now, so I’m opening this thread thread up. This thread is ment to anyone who plays this team and whatever order they put it in. Disscuss tactics, dynamics, and whatever…

Why pick this team?
Theoretically, there is no REAL counter to this team, if you face a Storm/Cable team, you can go Doom/Storm to counter it. Or if your up against a Storm/Sent, then you can also pick Storm/Sent (via button switching). The only problem w/ this team is you only get one chance to surprise your opponent in a tournament. So you have to pick wisely.The element of surprise should give you an edge in the fight. You can start Storm against Magneto or Sentinel, or you can start Doom against those annoying BH’s and Sprials. The reason I don’t put Sentinel first is the lack of that one hit kill… but I also like Sentinel as my clean up character which means when I get my APA xx Hail, then/or Lightning Storm xx HSF. My Sent gets the easy task of turtling and casually chipping away life at the remaining characters.

When to pick Storm/Sent/Doom.

Obviously when you fight Sentinel, your going to want to have Storm in the point possition. Supposedly Storm/Doom is supposed to have a good chance against Sent/CapCom. But if your Doom/Sent is super godlike, then you may take the chance of starting out Doom (although it’s not really reccommended to go up against Sent/CapCom w/o an anti-air). I’m still experimenting on Doom/Sent vs Sent/CapCom, I fought mixup in a recent Gville tournament and surprised him a little bit, but 2nd match he found out what I was doing. :frowning:

Also, you may want to start Storm when your fighting Magneto. Doom vs Magneto isn’t as bad as it was a couple years ago. Doom/Sent can get a lot of shit in Magnetos way and pressure him pretty well. As long as Doom keeps the tempo of the match in his favore he’ll be ok.

When to pick Doom/Storm/Sent

This team is the ANTI-Spiral. Doom’s j.fp + drones keep Spiral at bay, and generally annoy her as she tries to get swords. This will turn into levels, and when you get levels you can go rush HER down. Remember one hit and it’s over for Spiral. And if anyway your losing in this match-up get Spiral to teleport some how, then apa xx hail is instant, and catch her while she’s comming out of the teleport.

Another time you should start Doom is against BH. Doom is also the counter to BH. Find out more here.

General Strategies Doom/Storm/Sent

A good way to start out the match is with a, although it’s a little old, it still catches people off guard because it’s just quick and high in priority. If they block it, you can air dash into a safe zone, and drop a photon. If it hits, and your lucky enough to be low enough to the ground, you can dash in and although roll able you can, OTG them for a combo.

For an opening move, I usually go for, or two of Doom’s fastest moves.

A good zoning tactic with Doom/Sent is j.fp+Drones, then see what the other person does.

If they super jump, you can wavedash over to them for a little rushdown game, or throw ground photons to cover space. Which one you do is totally up to you, but some options are better against some other people.

Another good move for Doom/Sent is to everywhere. This is espeically good since, if you have 2 meters. This means you can automatically fry the opponent if they try anything funny(like typhoon hail out of randomness) and then drones cover the ground while you fly around kicking everwhere. However, this isn’t an abusable tactic if the opponent can get above Doom. Above Doom is the weak point of the, and the drones won’t be in possition to cover. But this is easily solved by air dashing back.

Something I like to do with Doom/Sent is punish assist. Drones hurt a lot, and when facing someone like Sentinel or Magneto (who abuse their assist WAY too much.) Drones can come in and beat up or soften them up a little bit before getting them w/ APA xx Hail. If you don’t have enough meter for apa xx hail, I’ll usually settle for a standing fierce or kick launcher xx fly back, unfly, or just j.fp will do decent damage. Usually when people see their assist getting beat up, they’ll try to get to you inbetween hits (Like when you kick launch an assist /\ lk, lk a person would try to hit you before you SJ). This is a big mistake on their part, because you can instantly APA xx Hail the assist (and if your lucky enough the point character too) :smiley:

I’ll stop here for now. Peace!


Supper long post!!!

But the only down side to s/s/d is the damn anit-airs!!! Ken,cyc,psy are hte most common.

but storm/sent and doom is mager chip damage!!! just remember rush rush rush switch sides…rush!!!

but im a nub dont list’n to me >(


True BS, true.

There is a problem when Sent/Doom come in against Magneto/Cyc. Sent can’t breack free worth shit, the same problem also applies to Mag/Cable. The reason is that Cycs comes in and annahilates Doom when called at the sametime, then Magneto comes with overheads making sure you can’t get away. Even if you pushblock Magneto, Cyc gets you in blockstun so he can dash in and follow up again.

You can’t really call Doom for defense either, because instant overheads are Doom’s weakness. (as well as beams and inviciblity)


Doom/Sent/Storm vs Infamous MSP

Since no one wants to reply (32 views and 1 reply the other was from me) I’ll post some more strats and see what people think.

Doom/Sent/Storm vs MSP

Believe it or not… I love playing MSP. This team is probably the most popular team among Magneto users everywhere and rightfully so. Magneto has an assist that goes through everything making a clear path for him to rush through and pinning the opponent for some good rushdown, then he has the almost TOO EASY mode Psylock AAA. Factor in a bunch of nasty resets and setups… you’ve got a hell of a fight on your hands.

What order do you go with?
As stated in the post above, you can go w/ Doom/Storm if you think you can handle Magneto. Or you can runaway w/ Storm if you want. Either way preferable.

My Doom is much better than my Storm, so I go w/ Doom/Storm 90% of the time.

** General Strategies **

One thing is certian, Magneto wants to be all over Doom, but surpring enough Doom should do the same thing to Magneto! Doom though, has to dictate the pace of the match. This means Doom gets to rushdown when HE wants to, Doom can lay back and fire j.fp’s when HE wants to… and bait AAA’s. The most dangerous option for Doom/Storm is the APAxxHail, which is effective on ANYONE! Bad news for MSP’s, they tend to overuse Psy… and one oppertunity is all you need to fry the point or assist, temporarly hindering their ability to go easy mode, or defend easily against rushdown. This is where it gets nasty… Storm can come in and just make a mess out of things.

My usual gameplan w/ Storm is to rushdown… A LOT. With Psylock nearly dead, the point character has no other option than to rely on their own defense. Now depending on the situation, you may want to A). Snap in the assist, B). Go for Storm/Sent 100% combo, or C). Triple Fierce combo into another setup to build meter for B).

A). This is pretty damn useful. Before the assist can recover their life, you can snap them back in and leave them hanging on a little bit of energy. I think this is recommended if you just built a meter, because 1) You can easily get 2 meters beating on the assist character. 2). You really mess up the order… so no temptest xx hail to save them.

B). Storm/Sent 100% combo is the normal Lightning Storm into HSF combo. Nothing really special about it, but 2 meters is needed. You can get that by doing C). 3x Fierce combo into setups for meter, or just running. I recommend doing this when Sentinel is good and ready. Usually Doom uses Sentinel a lot warding Magneto off, and he goes through alot. So it depends on you.

C). Triple Fierce combo into a setup. FYI a triple fierce combo is launch, fp ad.df fp, hk, it’s usually used to punish assist while keeping the point character in check. You can also do this to point characters for decent damage, add in Sentinels drones when you launch, it makes for a good set up’s.

Fightning Storm/Psy

This duo is down right NASTY to fight against… one can hardly approach it w/o being very cautions. For this tough fight, I find that Sent/Doom do fairly well, just find a safe place to drop Doom, then back off because they’ll probably be trying to ward Sentinel off with Psylock… after that use the approprate move for the situation.

If anyone wants to add more feel free.


Comments anyone?!? :confused:


vs. Team Scrub…

A faveorite team among Cable players, team Scrub is one of the easiest teams to play, but one of the hardest to overcome.
Usually Sentinel will start, and then chip, trap, and build meter, for the ever so slick Cable. After that Cable does the samething, zone, trap and chip w/ the AHVB, and just generally be annoying overall.

I think this team is one of the hardest teams to beat w/ DSS, for one thing, it’s one hell of a fight, especially vs Sentinel.

Starting out

Start out Storm for goodness sake! Storm/Doom can take on Sent/CapCom, against Sent/CapCom, I’d rushdown trying to plant Doom on Sentinel or just close enough so Doom takes out CapCom. After that Sentinel will be running not to be chipped by Doom… RUSH HIM DOWN! You don’t want Sentinel to make space… Storm will strive on having Doom take out CapCom, that means staying close and staying on top of Sentinel at all cost!
If you KNOW that Sentinel will die off a Lightning Storm xx HSF, then do it, Sent/CapCom pretty much demoishes Sent/Doom.

The 2nd match up should look like Sent/Doom vs Cable/CapCom.
Depending on how much levels Cable has, this fight can get very hard. What Sent/Doom has to do is get Cable in the corner, there its where Doom’s assist will make a living hell out of everything, taking out CapCom, pressuring Cable.

**How does one get Cable in the corner? **

With time, and pressure and patience. Once getting rushed down, Cable usually jumps back and tries to fire his gun, then he’ll call out Capcom or something… prepare for these moves… getting to Cable is hard enough, but he has no where to run when in the corner… then CapCom can’t help him anymore…

Sorry this is so short… I’m just trying to get this thread alive… no one wants to add anything :frowning:


actually, capcom can help Cable in the corner.

Watch out for captain commando assist. (Escpecially if he hits your assist!!!).

Watch out for cable’s corner roundhouse throw. (It switches side, putting you in the corner, and allows cable to gain the upper hand).


It’s a waste of time to post your good ish here ben, you “aint got paid!”


CapCom isn’t so good when he’s up against constant barrage of rocks, always plant Doom when you know Cable isn’t going to dodge him, or when CapCom isn’t going to blast him away.

Cable’s rh throw… I haven’t seen it used too much when Cables getting pressured (ie Rushed down), the only time I’ve seen it used is when Cable goes low once or twice, then he gets up again and throws.

Mixup… this isn’t my ‘big’ surprise that I’m talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:


wow i didnt know you played this team bshido. I am a fellow doom fan and I have been playing with this team recently. Hell i have been playing with a LOT of teams recently trying to beat remy martins msp. This team was working well for me, but i played it in this order, sent/storm/doom. Purely b/c i cant block magneto with any other character besides sent. Another team I like to run is doom/sent/cyc. All it takes is one lucky cyclops assisst and then sj lk lk super photons dhc to sentinel for big damage. IMO if you really want to run doom as something besides your last character he needs an anti air to back him up. Next time I make it out to florida we are going to have to have some doom on doom matches!


Sup Ajil?

Doom/Sent/Storm is one of my faveorite teams now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doom/Sent/Cyc is a good team, but APA xx HSF won’t work on an assist of Storm’s. She can jump out and infinite Sent :frowning:

I believe Doom doesn’t need an AAA to back him up, Sentinels asisst does fine, although when facing another Sentinel AAA is needed.

Doom vs Doom is a crazy match, I hate those :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, I have a question.

It’s really simple but what do I do when I have storm/sentinel/doom team. I usually have them in that order just so i can get the one kill combo down. But if there slower player is starting I start Doom first with sentinel second. What do I do with a magneto whos got psy aaa trying to rushdown my sentinel and his psy assist is knocking away doom all the time. I know about the fp and c.fp fly continue. ect. but the sticks/moves dont come out all the time. How do i stop magneto from rushing down sentinel?


When I have sentinel on point how do I stop a storm that the only thing she does is gain meter by running away and then drop her assist and do her hailstorm. I’m telling you this storm sucks and I beat it a shit load of the time but sometimes when I know the hailstorm is coming our I dash back from the assist do a c.fp at the same time she’s going her qcf+lk cancel into hailstorm and the qcf+lk moves knocks my sentinel back and pretty much erases my c.fp that should knock storm out of the air and stop her from doing her hailstorm. again this works alot of the time but sometimes it doesn’t? What am I doing wrong. The same when I’m using cyclops assist backing sentinel. But with cyclops I get above the psy aaa and send him out and he usually stops storm but what do you think.



When doom is on point and I have sentinel and storm as my 2 other characters how do I beat magneto with doom on point. What are some tips. Do I do alot of fp in the air with sentinel assist? Play runaway? What, I think magneto has to much of a advantage over doom? But what are some tricks when playing against a “overaggressive” magneto who brings out his assist all the time.

What I do now that works some of the time is just anytime magneto gets near me I bring out sentinel and that kind of stops magneto, but when magneto is at a standstill waiting for the sentinel ground type to clear what moves can I do to him to “rush him down”

Sometimes I rush in and try for a, combo and he always ducks, and sometimes I rush in while he expects a move i jump in the air fast and hit roundhouse into super which messes him up. that works some of the time but not always. Should I do more of this?

Also, should storm be my second assist so that when I get introuble in the air and mistime a super that I can DHC into her or when I catch a assist and hit them with a super and DHC into hailstorm for more damage. Or is Sentinel as a DHC just as damaging as a storm DHC? Sometimes when I do a doom combo in the air, DHC into HSF launch, ect it almost kills them like it does on a combo from storm to sentinel? But tell me what you think!!

BSHIDOHEAT- I’d really like your opinion also along with eveyone elses


NOTE: I had a really good reply going, but since the nazi ass Cannons put this 4 min rule I got that stupid message, and when I came back ALL MY SHIT WAS GONE. Sorry about that man.

Anyway… most stuff about Sent/Doom you can find in the Sentinel specific area, there is even a thread about it :wink:

Doom vs Magneto you can find in the Doom vs God Tier link in my sig.

Yea, mix up the instant overhead with cross up triangle jumps (normal jump rushdown w/ Doom is deadly) make Magneto block the wrong way :evil:

APA xx HSF does way more damage than APA xx Hail, and you also get better chance at launching them and killing them with APAxxHSF. But like I said to Ajil, if your frying Storms assist, Storm can jump out and infinite Sentinel! (same probably goes for Magneto)

Sorry for this half ass reply :bluu: fucking 4 min rule.


when I said lucky cyclops assist. I was referring to whenever your assist hits them you get a big combo on their point character. I found out the hard way about dhcing into hsf against storm. Now as for doom vs mags. This is just a hard matchup. if my opponent starts with mags, i put doom third. If you have storm second, you can always just build meter until you can dhc storm in(preferebly while your opponent is airdashing or attacking). Doom vs storm is a much easier matchup for me. Whenever she is above you and coming down, super jump up with lk lk and if that hits then super. dooms sj lk beats a lot of moves out. More later, I’m tired.


Doom vs Mags, some people make it out too hard on themselves… you have 3 supers!!! If Magneto is jumping all over your head Roman Candel that shit. It’s not photon’s but i’ll get the job done, and it does a decent amount of damage. Doom vs Storm is easier :wink:


Just runaway and that shit:p :o :stuck_out_tongue:


Runaway… but it sucks against most CapCom teams where he can just stick you with a Captain Corridor… it’s useful against a lot of other people though… (runaway from Cable is just too good)

Unblockable is great…


sup, i play doom/storm (i vowed id never play sentinel so i dont) so i have some q’s to bump this thread.

  • vs. magneto - the magnetos i play like to sj xx airdash forward, which usually is out of the reach of normal jump fierce, drones, and sj.fierce. what do you do against that? cuz once hes a half screen away, he can get in real quick.

  • what i hate about ground photons is that it brings your opponent above dooms head, which is his weakest area. uh i dunno random comment.

  • i play storm/doom/cyclops and wanted to know some of your storm/doom tactics. i like to normal jump xx airdash forward and drop doom as storm flies by. that bitch is fast. then high/low/throw game. my question is what to do after they block doom, cuz most of the time i totally brainfart and end up getting hit by aaa.


i don’t play storm/doom all the time but if you keep them in constant block stun when they won’t have a chance to call an anti air out in the middle of ur rocks. there is like two waves of rocks, so lets say the first wave hits, you have to hit them with storm inbetween when the first wave hits and the second wave hits, if you leave them even a LITTLE window then yes, an anti air will come out. somebody correct me if im wrong?