doom strads

im a scrub that can school the com, but still lose to most of the better people at the local arcade.:fury: one of my biggest probs with doom is i just cant get good with him. i use sent/strider/doom. what are good strads with Doom? thanks

Keep away with Air photons, lock for a bit with Jumping HP + Drones (not to long though…), random keep away, Keep away in general.

i’m a fan of team z most definitely. basically jug tron and doom. heya mike!

a good strategy of mine with doom is his flying assist meaning super jumping bringing out the dive kick and air dash, during air dash he can call his assist. works great when let say u miss ur air combo, just finish with dive kick and air dash then call ur assist so it hits ur opponent from the ground, then reconnect with launch or wutever.

another great thing i love doom is his launcher, his launch connects either front or behind! god i love it. anyway he’s a very very good catcher when ur opponent is falling to the ground. when they fall just immediate dash right beneath them and launch, works great when they’re coming out. if ur opponent starts to not fall for it, just dash forward then immediate back dash and launch em in front! it takes practice but people will give u props for catchin them like that.

Well, first of all, if you’re using Sent/Strider/Doom, you don’t really need Doom strats, because he won’t be on point as much on that team, as he is just there for Sent and Strider.

Some fun stuff to do with Doom on point though:

–j. hp + Sent-Y, sj. hp xx ad. up, photon shot x 2

Basic Doom/Sent-Y trap. Very good for building meter. Do not do two sets of photons on a Cable though, you WILL get shot.

–Instant Overhead Set ups (j. hk an inch from the ground)

cr. lk, cr. mk xx dash in, hk throw(use qcf+hk to do the throw), walk a step, dash back, cr. lk, instant overhead + Sent-Y

Basically, you want your opponet to condition your opponent to block low, so you can do the instant overhead. Another one in the corner:

launch, slow dial(sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. mp), pause, hp throw, land, cr. lk(otg), dash in, hk throw, walk one step, sj. d+hk (xx APA if you have meter)

A few keys with this pattern I’d like to point out. First of all, the slow dial must be timed so that you stay even with the opponent when you go for the hp throw. That way, you will be able to land just before the opponent does, allowing you to otg with the cr. lk. After the otg, you also add a fake out by tapping back once just before you dash in for the hk throw. Then tap forward once so that you don’t cross under them, and finally do a super jump instant overhead, so that they get the illusion that you are going to a low attack.

Also remember, anytime you start Doom in a match, you can do Instant Overhead at the start of the match and go into a trap, or wavedash to a launch.

–Random stuff you shoud know

To get the most out of APA combos, I tend to use this chain: launch, sj. lk, sj. mp, sj. mk xx APA. Wait until, the opponent get to between Doom’s legs before frying the opponent. That timing is pretty easy enough; just adjust for different characters, as they all fall differently.

Have at least one assist on your team so that you run a trap with. I feel like it is important that Doom has to control the match and be able to do what he wants to do when he wants to dominate, and so, trapping with him is one of those ways.

Somthing that way too many people get hit with: empty normal jump + assist, ad. f xx APA. This is a safe thing to do if the opponent has called an assist out and, both the opponent and the assist are remotely close to you. It gives the assist a good bit of damage via your assist or photons, and the opponent will be either fried, or take big chip damage.

Anywho, closing this long post out, that is some stuff that I feel you should know with Doom. I don’t normally play Sent/Doom anymore, as I play Doom/Storm these days. However, again I wll reiterate, if you are playing Sent/Strider/Doom, you won’t be using Doom on point. You’ll be mainly using him for chip damage for Sent and Strider. Also, if you are getting worked by better players, you need to explore your strategies for any holes in your gameplan. If there are, adjust your gameplan and try again. And remember what your team’s main gameplan is, and find ways to execute it. The more ways that you have, the better your chances of winning.

Also, check the Strider and Sentinel threads for stuff on them. It will help your game a lot. I hope that any of this helps in any way.