Doom/Strider/Magneto okay?


this is probably one of the worser strider doom teams. magneto’s assist doesn’t help strider one bit, and vice versa. to play this team effectively you need to be able to play magnus solo. and that is a very tough task without an AAA like psylocke or cyke.

your ordering is not good either. doom is not that great of a meter builder. he can only do so much until you need to DHC to strider, and you’ll be left with 1 or 2 bars of super.

the optimal ordering is magnus/strider/doom. this way you can do some magnus/doom shit while trying to build meter for strider. so when magnus dies (which he likely will) strider can come in with lots of meter. and if your strider is good you can finish them off.

imo, storm is a much better replacement. she can rushdown almost as good as magnus. she just can’t infinite them to death as easy.

If you know what you’re doing w/ mags, Strider’s variety assist can kinda pop your opponent up for an easy rom right there. That’s really the only thing I can think of for that team. I honestly wouldn’t use it too much though because Strider can easily get raped as an assist. I agree that the order should be Mags/Strider/Doom. You might want to think of using mags capture assist for that team. Might help the trap out. Then again, I’m not much into mags, so correct me if I’m wrong.

strider’s variety is too hard to combo with. by the time strider teleports, and kicks, the opponent is on the other side of the screen or in the air.

you might get them the first time. but after that, they’ll just block and do one combo and bye bye strider.

from my experience…no one ever gets hit with the grab unless it’s part of a combo. and if they do, they forgot to check your assist type and was expecting the disruptor.

Just curious. I don’t use magz or anything:p


I used Mags/Strider/Doom before, then i swaped Mags for Ironman. Anyway, IMO Strider needs to be at his [y] assist, you know why? Because air born sentinel/AAA can really shut down Magneto/Doom. Put Strider in his [y] assist, because it his likely that Sentinel will get hit from it due to his massive size.
Also, you can Alpha into strider than xx into Ouro, at least theirs that. But you are better off switching for Ironman, at least Ironman complements as an assist, and you still have a one hit death.

I’ll try that.