Doom vs Blackheart

I’ve recently taken Doom in as a point character as well as an assist. And I’ve decided that Doom apparently beats BH. If this is not true, by all means tell me other wise (remember I’m new to Doom so this is a first observation type of thing.) I’m not however new to BH so I know how to beat Doom with BH, but in general I’m gathering that Doom has the upper hand here.

At anyrate… let’s get posting on what to do against BH. I think this could be interesting being BH and Doom have both fallen to the border between top and 2nd tier.

  1. The Butter Gun OWNS BH.
  2. Doom’s invincibility frames in his Air Super save him from the Inferno… and start hitting BH before the demons from the HOD come up.

uhm… that’s it for now… I’d really like a Doom “expert” to come in here and add strats.


As a player of both Doom and Blackheart, I have a good perspective here…

Doom has a definite advantage over Blackheart. In general, people with beams mess up BH’s ground game, but Doom can also do lots of damage to someone off a superjump which makes the whole match a ticklish affair on the BH player’s part.

However, BH is not without options - in particular, the ground dash is going to be of a lot of use to him here. While definitely NOT a safe thing to do vs. jump fierce, against someone who thinks that’s all he has to do, calling drones and ground dash can mess up Doom. Of course, the ground dash prevents Doom from adequately using his photons to cover his assists, which takes away his chip game.

If you face a Blackheart player that isn’t scared of blocking oodles of jump fierce and doesn’t sit there and let you chip away his life, you’re going to have to rethink your plan. Fortunately, Doom has more than just jump fierce going for him:

  • if you’re in the air, have meter and you hear BH begin to Inferno, APA immediately. The damage trade is going to be in your favor big time, even if he doesn’t cancel into HOD, and if you’re lucky the photons will come out in a place that nullifies the Inferno so you’ll get BH with the whole thing.

  • his launchers outprioritize BH coming down from a superjump. So if BH tosses demons then tries to come down on you with shorts, get on the other side and kick him up.

  • in a superjump air-to-air melee, Doom has all the weapons he needs - jump jab into APA versus airdash attempts, jump roundhouse for in-close fights, and jump fierce from afar.

  • ground photons are decent to make BH think twice about tossing demons; definitely not abusable though.

  • BH can’t punish blocked APAs from afar, and in a superjump space unless he’s above you he can’t get you with much. They’re not good to pull out of nowhere unless your opponent doesn’t use the ground dash, but definitely something to know.

  • assists that help you fight BH - BH (Doom/BH is REALLY bad for BH); Cyclops (bullet closes out a good BH zone); Commando (pretty much the best “get off me” assist vs. BH; useless on Doom, though); Storm (Storm actually comes in handier than Sentinel here, plus having her 2nd is always good)

K i’m not complaining, but where and how do you peeps come up with these lil nicknames like buttergun and frying pan?

:lol: lol!

“butter gun” I stole from someone else.

And as for Sentinel’s Frying Pan…I call that the “middle finger” because that spike looks like a giant middle finger and let’s face it when he smacks people out of the sky with that he’s definitely saying “FUCK YOU” to that character. :lol:

I made a thread about this a while ago…
check it here:

lol. Thats hilarious. Dildo of Doom:lol:

I’ve called Doom’s j.fp the lady pleaser.


so are ya having trouble with chaz adrian?

No, he’s having trouble with me… notice … I said Doom appears to beat BH… My doom is fucking his BH over a lot.

hhmm, well i wish i could help.

but what exactly does doom do that poses a threat? the pink shit is useful but how would he have an advantage over say cable on blackheart? besides that doom has better options with rushing in on a bh. but remember you can rush him for free anyways !!! :rolleyes:

kc’s blackheart is top tier. as i can testify, bullshit shenanagans do not work here.