Doom vs God Tier



Lets get this shit started fellas. Post strats especially against Storm/Sent/Mag/Cable’s!

I’ll be posting an indepth look on Doom vs Storm pretty soon, so look out!


I’ll start with Doom vs. Sentinel.

First off, an anti-air of some sort is required if you’re going to seriously take on this fight. IMO, Cyclops, Cammy and Guile are the best, but any decent one will do, actually.

If you can keep Sentinel beneath you, then firing photons is never a bad idea. But that’s ONLY IF he’s pinned. Otherwise, firing photons is always a BAD idea, as it is a bit too easy for him to superjump and just frying pan you.

There is a certain distance (about two steps or so in between) where Sentinel can’t do anything about Doom jump roundhouse. So between shots of photons, do your best to get in that range. Helps rush his metallic ass down.

If you’re on the ground and Sentinel is above you, calling out your anti-air and then ground photons is a nifty way of making sure he can’t fly. Alterntely, you can pushblock the fly rush, call BH, then dash forward (to protect BH).

If Doom has an anti-air, he is good to go cuz he can actually do something about Sentinels that stay on the ground as well as Sents that fly.


just like to add that jumping jab is good too against sent,


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Nothing is easy with Doom… nothing is free with Doom… Doom is verstile… but no Storm… he can rush
down but he’s no Magneto…you can’t pick him up… play with him for a week and expect to know all about him… he takes more
time than that. But with all this said, I believe he’s still a character worth learning.

Doom vs Storm

General Tips

Well timed ground photons to stop her from running. will stuff her jump in’s.
Tiger knee photons to keep her from typhoon xx hail.
Doom’s s.fp will either trade or beat Storm pokes.

Recommened assist

Sent- Y
Covers ground… helps Doom control space and rush down. Not to forget the chipping power of manuel rocks and drones. Also…
Storm has a hard time rushing down against it.

Cyc- B
When Doom can’t set something up for himself Cyc can do it for him. Whenever Cyc hits it’s a free AC into APA into the next
person, it also stuffs out a lot of assist.

This helps stop Storm from running… if she blocks an inferno you can follow it up with some photons.

Same with Blackhearts AAA… helps stop Storm runaway (and rushdown). As an added bonus… unblockable + CapCom = free AC
easly doing over 90 points off damage ending with a APA.

I asked this question to Clockw0rk (at and Dasrik in the general Dr.Doom thread… so I’m just gonna take the
easy way out and repost what they said.

As for myself… I can’t add against the fight with runaway Storm… but whatever I try they’ve summed it up pretty well.

Now as far as rushdown Storm goes… I believe that Storm has trouble getting past Doom with Sentinels assist… here some
general tips from Clock, also from

I find that a lot of people do get really careless when rushing down Doom, opening up a lot more options for him. And like before, Sentinels assist helps against rushdown.

Along with Sent drones, you should also get used to, it really works well against Storm’s jump ins, and fly xx unfly
cancel should make it hard for her to get to you.

The Dive Kick shouldn’t be over looked, it’s Doom’s highest priority normal in the game, and you can do just slightly off the
ground, it’s real deciving. Especially after a air combo air dash down forward hk throw you can play a small simple mind game
like dash in lk,lk or or unblockable or standing hk throw. Don’t forget that after the ends you can call an assist and go into a photon spree or rush down.

Well… thats it. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: I copied it from a text doc so it looks all jumbled when I CnPed it. :bluu:


I think one aspect of Doom’s game people don’t use enough is random APA’s.

Now, not really random, but they don’t HAVE to be air comboed into to be worth it, or meant to be chip damage.

If you have a good ground covering assist like storm/sent, then Doom is a dangerous character. Call the assist, bunny-hop your ass in on them, try to mix-up w/ a sj u/f xx ad back XX super pink shit.

Doom is all about mixing up and beatingt’s m the living hell out of people with super pink shit. Electric cage also nullifies a LOT of projectiles if you’re facing a keep-away sent or storm. Try punishing with that.

That’s my opinion anyway, I think that’s a devastatingly evil part of his game. And if it doesn’t connect, you’re so close to them that they eat 80% of the pink shits and take a helluvalotta chip. Then DHC that shit into Hail or HSF (storm/sent we’re talking here), MOB, an early timeflip, lots of stuff to DHC into safely here that do chip for ya.


Random APA’s are good if Doom is by himself… if he has Storm or Sent behind him and two levels… someones gonna get hurt… either an assist or the point character.

The eletric cage has some weird properties because it cancels out some projectiles.


You know, I’m one of the very few people who think Doom vs Sent is relatively winnable. You prolly DO need a good AAA if he gets on you, but the point is to never let him get on you.

The butterbeam (J+FP) used with Storm-A can REALLY pin a sentinel down on the ground. It works REALLY well. It also should be used when Sentinel superjumps (and you are across the screen).

Ground Photons are essential. Ground photons (and GPA’S) can keep sentinel from flying.

Air Photon patterns work really well on sent, since he is so big.

Also, if you have Storm behind you, the match becomes a WHOLE lot different once DOom’s at level 2. Then, a random APA->Hail comes out and sents hurting 50%.

I’m pretty sure you can APA any Short or RH Drones, or HSF and you’ll still win out.

So, doom can win. But his game revolves around a LOT of little hits. Whereas sent gets in once, it’s over.

That’s why you need a really good get off me AAA to have a good chance.


Well if they try to punish your assist and you’re close enough to them doing this ghetto cross-up/rushdown game then you oughta be able to punish with no problem for 1/4+ of their life.


Some things Doom has that no one uses:

dash jump jab - This move is great against people with no anti-air available to them. It’s really hard to get around and zones the opponent the fuck out, esp. in combination with an assist like Storm or Sentinel

sj.short - If someone is beneath you, wavedash under them then sj.short to catch them. This shit beats things it really doesn’t have any business competing against. GREAT vs. Sentinel.

air yellow beam - Already discussed, but seriously, use this shit.

Some more thoughts about Doom vs. Sentinel…

First off, if Sentinel is directly above you, don’t even try to fight him. Block and push until you get free enough or you see an opportunity to sj.short at him (ie. Sentinel does a roundhouse). When you get him off, call an anti-air assist and superjump. Hopefully, your anti-air assist protects a good space in front of you, which gives Doom freedom to jump fierce without fear of frying pan retaliation. From there, you have to try to work Sentinel beneath you and pin him down with photons, and as you land, begin planning for a ground rush.

Sentinel’s weak zone is that while he is on the ground he has a hard time dealing with aerial rush. Your air roundhouses will knock out Sentinel and outprioritize whatever he could do. So do those followed by photons. It might give him room to get out, but you’re in a perfect spot to call an anti-air and bring him back down to earth again (read what I said above).

Don’t bother trying to hit Sentinel with a crossup launch, since he can pretty much come down whenever he wants.

And finally, if you score a clean hit on Sentinel while he’s in the corner, DO THE INFINITE, it’s the most damaging thing you can do to Sentinel and it really is worth the effort (one of the rare times when I’ll actually try to do his infinite).


Darsik, how do you combo into the APA after the infinite? I can only do it with Cyc… (flying hk + cyc ad down apa) but what if I already used his assist?

Don’t you mean if Doom is under someone?


A good trick to use sometimes against people who try to cross-up by dashing under you when doom is about to come in after your other character dies or is snapbacked. just hk dive kick right when doom comes in and XX into photon super. It’s not the best idea all the time but it works on people who think they’re slick.


Do it after sj.rh. You can actually stick an assist like Cammy or Ryu into the combo by launching with the assist then starting the infinite with sj.jab -> sj.strong -> sj.rh (Commando is possible, but he often whiffs). Good to add that extra oomph of damage.

Woops. I’m 100% stupid. :wink:

The thing is, almost ALL Doom players come in with roundhouse and people know this, so while it’s a good trick to try sometimes, it usually doesn’t work. :frowning:


Does anyone know how to fast fly a fp?

I imagine i’d be quite helpful in Doom vs Sentinel or Storm situation.

Oh yeah I also found out against heavy characters you can end the infinite with hk xx fly wait (the screne will shift) APA… it takes a lot of time to get used to since the screen shifts.


Same way you fastfly any other move. Tap a direction then the button. In Doom’s case, superjump fierce, airdash back fierce, fly fierce plus assist is hecka good on Sentinels that try to stay on your level as long as you are ready to photons if Sentinel tries to fly beneath and under.


i’ve tried that… but maybe it’s just me… or is the j.fp hella slow?


Dr.Doom vs Cable

Important moves
Roundhouse throw - Sets Cable up for all sorts of stuff… too fun!

Wave Dashing - If Cable is dumb enough to sj.hp + AAA + grenade wave dash that shit! - this will beat out Cable’s!! And most Cables like to think that’s invincible or some shit.

unfly - if there is anytime you think that Cable has a chance to beam you… fly xx unfly that shit! (ie: d.hp xx fly xx unfly)

s.fp - I haven’t tried this against a Cable too much, but it might trade/beat Cables

useful assist

BH AAA - Cable has a difficult time keeping up with the Doom/BH trap.

Cyc AAA- Always useful. Goes through AHVB, goes through CapCom at times, and is useful for being a sheild and such.

Sent Ground - Good for rushdown. Doesn’t die easily. Can easily bait Cable into wasting meter into killing him.

Storm Vertical Typhoon type - This is decent for trapping Cable, like j.hp + storm land, yellow beam sj photons if he stays on the ground, if he tries to jump air dash up and throw ONE photon. If you do anything else, free AHVB.

General strategy You can either runaway from Cable, or rush his ass down. I preffer the latter. :evil:

Get Cable into the corner. With smart sj.photoning.

HK throw him a lot… this is such a good move… Cable has less to nothing mobility so it’s gonna be hard for him to block resets and setups.

Wave Dash to get into gain ground on Cable.
Don’t do anything other than normal jump rushdown against Cable, sj rushdown is just too slow.

Runaway Doom :confused:
To be completely honest, I’ve never seriously tried running away with Doom… if someone can correct me on this…

Runaway Doom is mainly super jump, air dash up cancel it really quick with a special move. Prefferably the yellow beam… people just need to be smart I guess running away with Doom… although I’ve never seen it really effective.

TBC (to be continued)


Doom vs. Cable really depends on the dynamic of the match. First of all, you have to decide if you are winning or not. This doesn’t always mean if you have more life than them or not. ie. if you have Doom/Storm with half life each vs. half life Cable/full life Commando, I’d say you’re winning. Think about the matchup.

If you still have work to do in the match, then you’re going to have to close distance to Cable, and best way to go about this on the ground. You have a bunch of moves that beat Cable’s, but still have that pesky anti-air to worry about. Bait it out. Now you can decide whether to take on Cable directly or hit his assist. You might take on Cable, but a simple kick launch to his assist will make him nervous if you do it often enough, and if for example you have Doom/Storm, you have the trump card of launching into photons and basically daring him to try to stop you. You have the potential to kill Cable off of a roundhouse throw, so keep on the lookout for that.

If you’re winning, then you don’t have to do too much work. Take to the skies and rain down some pink shit, and maybe a yellow beam or two. Fun thing to do is to leave Cable unprotected and superjump and do a yellow beam; usually too fast for Cable to SJ. on reaction and get you, although if he’s come up with you, you would be dumb to do anything). Chip with occasional photon array. You won’t have to worry about meter too much, since this is usually a midgame fight you play and the assist character won’t be too much of a hassle. Don’t forget your guy in the back, if it’s Storm you get to get away with a lot more.

Overall, remember that Cable has AHVB and respect it and you should do fine. Most Dooms lose to Cable because they fear AHVB and think there’s nothing they can do and just do dumb shit anyway and, of course, die. A lot of times, doing nothing vs. Cable is the best strat.


Good shit Darsik,

But I hardly use the sj.yellow beam, is that move REALLY important? How good is that?

Basically, I just use it on the ground for my Doom/Storm trap (to make up for the lag Storm has) What good does it do in the air?

  1. Its recovery is a lot quicker than photons.
  2. It generally covers the same area that the opponent will be in anyway, faster to boot.
  3. It looks just like air photons on startup, so you can bait out AHVBs and other supers.

Overall, air photons have the best spread but if your goal is only to close out a space to the opponent, yellow beam is best.


I hope this helps but to stop rushdown opponents u can use
tiger knee yellow beam xx APA good damage people never see it coming hope that helps.