Dooms Utopia-An advanced Video guide to tips tricks crossups and resets

I was thinking of doing this for some time now since some people seem to get wrecked with doom alot in tournaments and think hes only there for assist. Welp im here to show you what doom can do by himself. If you struggle with doom as an anker this video could save you or if you need some help with resets and crossups


Absolutely amazing guide, thanks so much for these!

I watched this on my break at 10ish and had some time to mull it over. First off, even with the spelling errors that riddled the video, I thought it was really well done. Some of the resets are actually incredibly nasty, like the st.h dash cross up one. A quick note though, if you’re using a grab reset in the corner to combo a lvl 3 into, you probably could’ve killed him with doom loopage in the corner into lvl 3, since some loopage combos already do 650-700k with no meter.

The jump insta cancel to ADDF to get in is something I’ve seen Clockwork do but I should probably end up doing it myself. You dont stall as long as dashing forward first.

Defintiely like the fly reset.

very cool vid. thx.

We’re talking about using Doom as an anchor in this thread right? The problem I have with him there is that against a lot of popular anchors you don’t really get to dictate the pace of the match. Especially Wesker. It’s hard to fly all over the screen with out having to constantly be blocking gun shots.

Well the main problem with Wesker is that his gun shot is just too damned good. The speed of it will most likely get toned down in another version or patch of the game since that gun eliminates air dash angles way too well and gives him combos from almost full screen for blowing up an air dash. In some ways you’re better off using a more grounded character vs. Wesker because they have really low wave dashes that run under the gun. Doom can’t wave dash under the gun or anything. You’re kinda forced to just sit and crouch since luckily you’re short enough to crouch under the gun and wait for him to make an unsafe teleport after the gun and punish.

Amazing stuff BBX. I think I’m finally at the level of Doom play to try and utilize these, but I have to experiment with tech directions of course. Depending on when you cross them up, tech directions can sometimes be reversed.

Great video. Learned a few new tricks. Here’s a decent midscreen throw reset I found:

c.L c.L S, sj.M sj.F+H ADDF sj.M, c.M c.H S, sj.M sj.F+H ADDF sj.M, c.M dash-cancel forward, jump-cancel, back throw, OTG s.H S, sj.M sj.F+H ADDF sj.M, c.M+Haggar Assist c.H dash-cancel forward, OTG s.HxxSphere Flame or LVL3

Basically just airthrowing them when the reset out of a dropped combo.