Door Posters

I just got the print proof of the 2 door posters in today! And I have to say I am really pleased with this! Can’t help but to take a picture to show you guys:

By the looks of it, it will be printed and hopefully in stores within the next 3 weeks or so. Will get you a definate date when I hear something!

Wait to Chun Li fan see’s this…

I like the Chun Li one. SWEET !!! :tup:

Thanks for shareing !! Really nice !! :clap:

:party: :party: :party: :party:

Those both look really good. The coke can laying next to them just seems funny for some reason.

I’d like to have that Morrigan one on my room’s door. :pleased:

Coz it seems so small…

morrigan is gonna be mine!!!

No, its just funny cause its there, or was it supposed to be there for size comparision, ie “the posters are this big compared to a coke can”

Screw the metric system…

Coke Cans: The New Measurement System!

Nice looking posters.

Are those going to be shipped folded or in a tube? Or is it a “each retailer on his own” deal? I would like to buy the Chunners one from heroflix, but i hate fold marks on posters…

They will be shipped rolled in a sleeve like any regular posters.

Morrigan looks wicked!

Woh, they look awesome, I’ll definitely have to get some for my games room. Are you bringing out any more or other characters as well ?

Mr. Ko, could you please check your PMs and send me a response? Thanks.

i will buy one for my girl so i will get laid.


Do we get the can of coke with the poster for free? :slight_smile:

From all Chun Li fans everywhere suffering with their crappy bootleg silkscreen posters, I thank you.

Any good sites I can order from ?

lol… for some reason, I’m getting a kick out of the thought of udon putting life size morrigans/chunlis onto blankets

I’ll finally have something to put on my wall/door.

eric/udon, will there be wall posters too?

Yep, looks very nice.

I hope to get them as well from ruppsworld.

So how common are these going to be? I mean, will I be able to pick one up at a decently sized local comic store?