Dope KOF 2002 tourney vid

You have to see it to believe it.


They made is so there’s no hotlinking. Just copy and paste into the browser.

I don’t know, match didn’t look special to me. Kind of hard to tell because the quality is shitty.

Are they playing on a legit cab?

I don’t play KOF.

Why should that have been impressive? It looked like a pretty normal match to me.

I’d wathc it, but it’s rm.

You just answered your own question. It’s because you don’t play KOF.

No hes right, That was just a regular match. You fail.

Yeah I was trying to see what was so “dope” about it.

Negative Rep Bombardment! Commence!

Well, I thought it was dope.

Well you havent seen shit then :slight_smile:

Well, I guess obviously I haven’t then.

Kinda scrubby there…and what is it with realplayer and Brazil?

I’d like to know what’s up with South American KOF players and the abuse of effects and transitions during MATCH vids… Combo vids I can understand but I don’t need shit to distract me or put me off watching a match vid.

Real player lets you make a file smaller without losing quality and what not, I dont mind it really.

WTF if you think this is amazing dont come to SoCal or you’ll probably go crazy, after seeing stuff you probably wont understand.

Not even.

Yeah hey Hand Hanzo, go watch some NeoWave SBO3 vids from or somewhere like that…you’ll see a much higher level of play. Hey man I’m not gonna bash you like some others are in here…I wanna help you actually…if you have ANY QS ABOUT KOF or whatever I’d be more than happy to help you out…break down the match vids…so you can see what others like T.A. are seeing etc…I’d be more than happy to help you “see what everyone else is seeing.”

He could just look up some of the a-cho vids, And we aint bashing him. He said it was a dope vid, theres nothing dope about it.


shrugs I dunno, I’ve seen better. Still impressive tho