Dope shit in marvel at evo

The button switch crap: look at that nuttiness, somone needs to just let everyone know already:lol:

Guard cancel: watching clockwork guardcancel 5 things in a row all for better positioning and tighter set-ups, this shit is actually useful people:eek:

Anti-guard cancel: small things that make a huge difference lol, only a good player would get hit by something like this the first time tho. Cable in corner, jump up fk(opponent pushblocks) dash in, DELAY, gets kicked in the face),,…

Rowtron combo’s: somone does hsf row is flying above them, hits them with lk inbetween each wave of drones into an unfly combo…ugh…

Runaway storm/ec at the bat: nah jk that shit is effective but hella lame.

Magneto guard break: sj lk,fk airdash down lk,lk good luck getting out of this one, jwo speciaaaaaal

Using your aaa to unblockable storm: not that new but i did see it being used finally, h.ryan drops cyc storm falls from forced guard c. lazer that shit lol

There is a bunch more but this is all i remember for now. Mvc2 will never die :stuck_out_tongue:

besides the finals, dope as hell ^^

All the Rogue players repped that shit HARD, props. Also to justinK (gambit/morri/sonson).

and i know it’s a small thing, but the c.rk launcher combos w/storm…nobody fucked them up like i do, either. And of course, Randy Lew…

I heard that Mixup’s Tbonne is pretty good against kuan’s sent/commando.

Oh my god, that shit it too damn good. I am very surprised that it hasn’t been posted all over SRK after Evo. That shit is to damn good.

:wink: foolz discovered it, I aint at liberty to tell

Were there any good psylocke matches?

I won a match with that :D(opponent could have escaped it, but he totally wasn’t expecting it :lol:… the guy was like “wtf… OOOOOH!!! NICE!”)

switch character order, hold down button you want to come out (can do two of them like LK + assist) just hold it will come out at start of the round

i posted if before evo but like only one person replied then it fell off the front page into nothingness

Dopest thing I saw was Row’s Fastfly cross up combo. Shit was fucking crazy.

ummm no, i knew about that for awhile now:p

I dont understand what your trying to say aboutthe button thing?
can you explain a littrle more

It’s common by now so whatever

Pick your team row with a fugged up order


then button switch in magneto

hold down a button at the beginning of the round and you’ll see it’s hella quick.

Shit is game breaking

I wouldn’t have posted it if like all of cali wasn’t doing it already:bluu:

We be l33t like that :stuck_out_tongue: Naw, seriously tho Im surprised so many people knew…i was told to keep it quiet, and i had never seen anyone else do it.

Sup Mixup…if u remember the night before evo i played u. first when u went to the lower arcade i was the black guy using mag/strider/doom. Then in main Evl room on the machine where djb13 and justin were playing i used same team a frew matches and also mag/storm/cyke a couple times. If you remember, I know what ur thinkin…I don’t know why I bothered going to evl with my weak game :frowning: But what up man.

damn i thought everybody knew that button switch shit

Mixup can’t beat me.