Dope VF4FT matches feat. Chibita

I don’t usually make a big deal about new VF match vids (since there are like 10 billion every other day), but these are too good not to mention.
Be sure to grab em quick cause they might not be up for long.

They are all good, but be sure to check out the Chibita ones. ~_~ He is an alien I swear.

Damn, good stuff man. Long live the VF scene.

which ones are of Chibita’s ?

Someone grab that shit and rehost it quick.

I hate not being on my comp…

I assume Chibata is that Lau who never lost.

Of course as soon as I post that I watch the video where Lion beats Lau.

Does Chibita still play Lion? Because that was pretty impressive. I loved that part where he messes around with the wall jump.

That Shun was fucking people up pretty good too.

Omg Kage is L33T!!! i wanna start learning how to play this game

Chibita is the Lion player. Here are the filenames for his matches.


???LI?<-- Chibita.

Even though I don’t play VF, those were the better matches from what I’ve been before, looks great. Too bad I can’t get into this game.

Was that Shun Itabashi?

Nope, Tanjun. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him, but yeah he is damn good.

Yeah, dope stuff. Really makes me wanna learn Shun and play him seriously, as it is right now I just Tentouritsu / Zabantetsu and go into random stuff just to piss off friends I play against.

nice vids!

Crowd was really into it… even doing the “EI! EI! EI!” we all love so dearly for some reason.

It’s too bad I haven’t a sweet flying clue as to what the fuck is going on… lots of flashy lights and loud noises. :slight_smile:

damn, d/l them all now and can’t wait.

Man. I would love to play against these guys. Most likely get my butt handed to me, but I want to see how well my Jeffry would stack up against the players on these videos.

not enough love for VF

Damn, those were some great vids. Chibita is one of those guys who impresses me in pretty much every video he plays. Thanks for the link, man.

How can I get my hands on FT? I got Evolution, but I need FT, like now.

there you go thanks me later!

Good shit, I love watching VF4 matches. Those vids make me want to buy a PS2 and boost my VF skills past beginner levels…